Class notes 2018-19 by S age 17 – (actual note(s) from student(s))

(actual note(s) from student(s)) submitted within one week of class – Start date Sep 2018

SL 12th grade – late submit I learned in class this past week that the green stair academy is like broccoli. When you are younger and your parents make you eat broccoli you usually don’t like and do not understand why you need to consume it. Once you get older you understand what is valuable in broccoli and why it is good for you to be eating it. We also learned tree trunks and branches.
TeecherJi taught us that tree trunks represent our belief in god because it is deeply rooted inside of each person just like a tree trunk is deeply rooted inside the ground. Each different branch represents each major religion and the branches off of those major religions represents the other parts of each religion. He also taught us some main beliefs of other religions to help us get a better understanding of what they believe in and how it differs from Islam. He taught us that Christians believe that they are supposed to live their life like jesus. Jews differ from Islam because they do not believe in the afterlife.
TeecherJi also taught us that we have to be able to learn from history of other people’s action to prevent ourselves from making the same mistakes. While you learn from history to prevent make mistakes you have to be able to learn from your own experiences.
I was also taught that you have to be accountable for your own actions and you eventually have to answer for them. It does not matter that someone suggested that you commit to performing an action, it is your choice to commit towards the action and you have to be accountable to the actions that you take.

Week 4 9/30/18
Last week I learned about the Angel Postal Service and how the it was not possible for a human to just bring down the different chapters of the Quran down to earth. They had to be brought down by angels.
I also learned a concept of through an example of socks; TeecherJi posed the questions why would you buy a few pairs of expensive socks, when you could buy regular socks and have more of them and they serve the same purpose. With this example I learned that you should get the items in life that get the job done because the extra money that you spent could be used towards benefitting another purpose or helping someone in need.
We also learned he 6 cardinal beliefs God, Angels, Prophets, Books, Day of Judgement, and Divine Laws.We also learned about the prayer Fajr. We learned about how a man slept through Fajr one day and felt wanted to seek forgiveness from god for his mistake so he prayed all day and kept Allah in his prayers all day.
Although Shaitan’s purpose of making this man sleep through prayer was to make the man not think of Allah, his plan failed and the man thought of Allah all day. Shaitan then woke him up for Fajr because the man thought of Allah all day. We also learned about a new concept the karate chop.
TeecherJi wants us to think about trying to have absolute focus on your prayer. Like a person who using a karate chop to chop through wood if he doesn’t have absolute focus on the technique then the chop will not be as effective compared to if he focused.

Week 5 – Last week we learned about not doing good deeds that will hurt other people for example going to the masjid and then there is no parking and you decide to park in the fire lane. If a person dies from you blocking the fire lane even though you were performing a good deed you hurt someone else and it is harder to get a person’s forgiveness then getting god’s forgiveness.

We also learned about not being a sheep as in just following what you see other people do. Sheep if they see a goat or sheep get their head chopped if they will continue on. But goat if they see a sheep or goat get their head chopped off they will try and run away. When I usually refer to the term goat it is the acronym G.O.A.T and it means greatest of all time. The greatest never follow other people and look to them to show them they way they always strive to be leaders and be better than the person next to them. Also we learned about physical laws and how you can just pray for yourself to get an A on the test or play a good game without studying or practicing.

That leads to another point of feeding your soul once you do the physical laws to help you achieve a goal you can feed your soul and get benefits from god that allow for you to do even better at what you are attempting. Also when it comes to praying you are praying to get help from god with the things out of your control. So you still need to be doing the things that you can control so that you can get the benefits of the prayer.