This (Green Stairs) Program is all about BS!!!??@@

This (Green Stairs) Program is all about BS!!!??@@

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by Student #12 (written in 2012 whilst in 12th GradeĀ  – now a college grad working at Booz Allen)
There is no one particular thing that I like about this class. This class teaches [lazy?] people like us to not only study Islamic studies but it also teaches us how to become a good leader.
I like this class because they teach us stuff that makes sense, that is logical. They make Islamic studies fun.
The most important thing that I have learned in this class is that Islam is a way of life not just some religion you have to follow because your parents told you so.
This is the best Islamic study class I have ever been to. I have studied Quran from at least 8 different Islamic study teachers. But he is the first person that taught me stuff about Islam that made sense [??? ???] some logic into it. That’s why I love coming here.
If you want to change anything in this class the first thing you should do from my perspective is do not change anything keep it as unique as it is. If you keep changing stuff the uniqueness of this class would be [ruined?].
I love this class as it is.
************ VS
Student 13 (written whilst in 8th Grade – has since dropped out of program)
What things I like:
The pizza, The movies we watch, The lectures, Islamic Books
What things I don’t like:
The class is too long, Some lectures to repetitive, The pizza tastes nasty, No drinks, Boring, No fun, Better seats
To make this class better you should make the class shorter and you should get better tasting pizza. There should also be drinks