2018/9 Class Notes by HH age 16 – (actual note(s) from student(s)) updated weekly

(actual note(s) for Week 2 for me Week 7 for class October 28

(These notes are mostly unedited and represent a GISLA students understanding of the previous class the attended.) Student attend class on Sunday and submit their essay of what they learnt before the next class. Interestingly, as can be seen below the same class yields different lessons for each student even though the content of the class they hear was the same.)
Students graduate level 1 IF and WHEN they pass the Level one exam (some do it in 6 weeks and some take 3 years and counting…) and students from anywhere in the world can test out to pass and earn the GISLA Level one trophy)

WEEK TWO: This week, we learned about how things in modern society have changed since the time of prophet Mohammed PBUH and how we must apply the Quran accordingly. We also learned that it important to be independent like a goat but to really think before we speak because the biggest problem with goats are that they blurt out without thinking and with no regard to anyone else.

WEEK THREE: This week, I learned why this class is important. This class is important because it teaches us about our religion but in my opinion, the more important leadership skills that will be useful to me for the rest of my life. One of graduates of the Green Stairs program decided to pop in last week and shared with us his experience of the class. I remember him telling a story of hoe one day he as in a parking garage and the line for the tickets was very long. But he looked over and saw an empty one and thought why isn’t anyone using this. He thought of our concept of goats and sheep and decided to move out of the line, go in the empty one, take his ticket and leave. In reality, this concept is very important and because of the class, he was able to become more of a goat or leader that a sheep or follower.

The Green Stairs Leadership Academy is a lot like broccoli, when were young we don’t like it we rather eat anything but broccoli much like personally, I don’t look forward to this class. But as we grow older people understand the benefits of broccoli, much like we understand the benefits of this class even if we couldn’t see it as kids.

I also learned how it’s fundamental to our understanding of Islam not to make people feel bad for the way they choose to practice and worship Allah. The former student also shared the story of a young woman who used to come to the mosque and pray. She wouldn’t wear a hijab inside the mosque, perhaps only when she prayed and too it off when she was done. Now this attracted the attention of the more conservative and traditional embers of our mosque and one person went and told her you need to wear a scarf inside the mosque. The fact that she did not wear a scarf was not a huge concern. Her coming in and doing her prayer was more beneficial to her than wearing a hijab.

Our ultimate goal on this Earth is to make it a better place and this girl was doing her part. It doesn’t matter how we choose to do this or that it is different rom the way someone else does it. The sooner we can get over our differences, the sooner we can focus on our similar goal of better the world around us.

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