Mothers day letters

Dear Mom,

You already know that I love you– I tell you every day. There’s no doubt about it. I think what you don’t know is exactly why. I won’t list out all the reasons (there’s a whole lot and I think it would take a while to list them out).

Instead, I’ll just tell you a few. One reason is that you are the best role model I ever could have had. I have never met another woman as strong and caring as you. I always know that whatever you set your mind to, you will achieve. I have always grown up wanting to be just like you, and I hope someday that will come true.

Another reason is because no one could’ve guided me better in this world than you. You’ve always been one of my best friends, and I can always talk to you about anything that’s going on in my life, and you’ve never failed in trying to help me out and find the best solution to a problem.

I also think you’re social skills are actually wild. I would love to be as good with people as you are(I think I’m getting there), but I guess right now I’m in training?

Another thing is your amazing fashion sense. I’m so glad you raised me to dress well cause otherwise, I would dress like a trashcan. You taught me how important it is to always try look nice or decent wherever I go, and to dress for myself and nobody else.

Also, although I always act like I don’t want you at school events and involved in my school stuff I might be kind of glad that at least you’re showing some interest in my life. I still don’t like having my parents show up at school stuff, but you’re pretty cool so I guess it’s okay when you do it.

I know I’m not super great at writing sappy stuff(leave those to sis), but I honestly feel like I don’t even have to go all out cause you already know(if you don’t then I’m not doing anything right).

I love you and how close we are, because I know lots of people can’t say the same, and I know you deserve nothing less to be super happy all the time, and you already know I’d do anything I needed to do to make it happen.

And yes, I am well aware that the reasons I gave weren’t even the super awesome ones, but I figured you already knew about those, so I wanted to let you know about the stuff you may have overlooked while going through your list in your head on why you’re such an awesome mom.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!!!

Love,  2018 16 years



Dear Ammi,

I hope you are doing well. On the occasion of Mother’s Day; which is celebrated in the world on May 13th each year in order to acknowledge and thank our mothers for their hard work, efforts, support, courage, guidance and endless hours they spend with us to raise us and make us better human beings, I just wanted to write few sentences. As you know, children are the gift to parents from Allah and it is the duty of parents to raise them well. In my opinion, every day should be Mother’s Day because we can’t thank our mothers enough in one day.

Ami, I know no one loves me more than you because you have given birth to me and Allah has put love in your heart for me which is the purest form of love. Moreover, I know that you love me unconditionally. One of my Professor use to tell us that with your mother’s prayers you can get anything in this world and I have firm belief in this thing that if I will work hard and request you to pray for me then Allah will accept your prayers.

You know Ami, I …..and I wanted to request you to pray for me because I need your prayers, every day. When Allah wanted to tell his mankind that how much he loves us then he himself compared his love to the love of our mothers because he wanted to let us know that He loves us seventy times more than our mother’s love; which is one of the sincerest form of love.

Ami, Allah told Prophet Moses to be careful, after his mother died because no one was there to pray for his safety. This incident reflects the significance of our mothers and their prayers in our lives. I am thankful to Allah for blessing me a gift in the form of you and I plan to perform Sajdah-e- Shukar in front of Allah to thank him for blessing me with this gift. Our mothers pray for us whenever we are in a difficult stage of life and we know that Allah will listen to the prayers of our mothers and hence we become satisfied and contented once we know that she prayed for us. I know, you are sad because of me but I want you to be brave and take care of your health because you are the most important and valuable asset to me and I need you to be happy and healthy in your life. ….. Till then I need you to stay strong and healthy because I am concerned about your health. Last but not the least, I just wanted to say that I love you every day and I miss you so much.  I am sending a card as well as a token of my  love.                                                                                                                                                      Best Regards,