WHAT IS – GISLA – The Green Stairs Leadership Academy?

The Green Stairs Leadership Academy (GISLA) Level 1 Program is a by invitation Leadership Academy conducted in a Islamic Sunday school setting.

The program is designed for middle school students and older (the oldest student so far was over fifty)

No prior Islamic knowledge is required to joining the program but

…participants must have have a decent GPA of around 3.6 or commit to such a goal  and

…must appreciate the difference between a goat and a sheep (?)

The program is time tested (over 25 years in place) and has been refined many times over the years

” GISLA” – The Academy is held year round on Sundays 9 am -2pm at the Shirley gate Rd Mosque (www.IcnvT)

Please note:

Parents MUST must also register for the  class AND ATTEND both as students and as  TEACHING ASSISTANTS (as needed.. to run errands, arrange field trips, help with class supervision, etc)

For the first 6 weeks (Level 1) classes are subsidized at $2 per week per family (from $62 per week.

(Parents who can are encouraged to pay full fare or as much as they can to cover the cost of the program (leased space, teacher time, materials,  etc.)

Level 1 is a six week program and costs around 50 cents per hour at $12 for six weeks of 4 hours each week.  New students are expected to pass Level 1 exam in six weeks in order to progress at this rate into Level 2

FROM THE SEVENTH WEEK OF THE PROGRAM the cost is around $17 per hour  at $62 per session.   Achieving Students (Goats) get most of this fee refunded or waived and are expected to continue to pay 50 cents per hour or $2 per week.

A DEPOSIT OF $200 is requested from each family when they join the program to cover ANY absences, non achieving days, no parent present, no homework submitted, no progress made, etc.)

Programs fees (up to $60 per session) are refunded  or waived for continuously improving students (GOATS) i.e.  (achieving students who do their homework, have parents in class and show improvement in  their leadership skills on a weekly basis)

ATTENDANCE AND PROGRESS AND PARENT ATTENDANCE IS A MUST – The full Session Fee is due (even from GOATS) for ANY absences or for non performance or parent absences in order to continue in the program

BE WARNED: This program IS rigorous and is NOT suitable for all families.  The program uses a pushups with donuts approach and demands results EACH week

Non performing students are encouraged to leave on their own before being told to do so

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