2019 Nov class notes for 12/8/19, by Female, 13, A.S

Week 9, 12/8/19, Female, 13, A.S week 9

    In the last class the teacher had homework assigned for me. He had me memorize the whole prayer in Arabic and English. I came to class prepared but I memorized the whole prayer in Arabic but not in English, I only knew some parts in English. When I tested out I did well on the Arabic my teacher told me that I needed to pronounce the Arabic more properly and now all he wants me to do is memorize the English. My homework he has assigned me was to memorize two surahs in English of my choice.

When I walked into class everyone was standing on chairs so then I also had to stand on a chair. The reason why were standing on chairs was because our teacher was asking us questions about Islam. An example would be “what are the 5 most important things you need to do before you leave this earth” and you would have to answer and if you got it wrong and did not put it in order then everyone had to go up and down on their chair five times. The purpose of this was that he wanted us to know these things and know that they are important to us and in our life. After that we learned about why the word “ Realization” is important and the reason why is because our teacher wants us to realize many things. For example we can realize things in our life and etc.

 We also talked about the terms of slacker, operator, and peddler. Each term is meant for something like a slacker is someone who doesn’t do that well in life while a peddler’s someone who has a decent life an example would be they have a job ,they pay their bills, they have food etc. While an operator is a leader and they have a well-paying job, everything is great for them and that’s what my teacher wants us to become. He taught us this lesson because he wants us to be an operator who does well in their life, he wants the highest for us, my teacher is taking his time out of his life to help us become a great leader in life and I am very appreciative for that. 

After that he told us that we need to choose our friends wisely because who we hang out with can influence us doing bad things but if we surround ourselves with good people will be doing the good things. My teacher said that we should have all A’s all the time because the better grades we get the better life we can get. This is what I had learned this week!

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