2020 September 13 – FH – female age 12 – Class Notes

          Today’s class was kind of special but still normal to me, I was supposed to bring Ayat Alkursi, that sounds easy but I was expected to to imitate jennifer grout reading it, I did listen to her but I found it challenging to actually say the way the way she was, I’m  working on it though.  After about 5 minutes of meditation we went back to class and I led the pledge of allegiance, and the pledge of faith, then right after that, a computer sitting in the back got my attention, it took me a while to realize that there was a zoom meeting going on to give a chance to the people who couldn’t make it to class to still attend virtually. Then I realized that it is time to test out and I figured that I was starting to forget my homework since I did it like last tuesday. Well I had to review it again in class which took about 5 minutes since it was very loud in class It was clearly very hard to focus on what I was doing. Which is the reason why I kept making a lot of mistakes while it was my turn to test out. Luckily that talking around the class decreased since the level 1 students left to go play badminton. They were very lucky because they got to play when the weather was good. While they were enjoying the game we were doing book study I totally was not ready for it since I only read a little bit of the prologue But I was still able to get involved in the conversation. 

The teacher also mentioned the rope concept again which was absolutely very boring for me to hear again, Well I think that he meant like if let’s if you do something bad and keep on going it will get worse overtime, and it will get harder for you to hold back onto the rope, the older you get. 

In class we also talked about the blood concept, let’s say you are in the hospital and you are dying and really need blood, meanwhile your parents are going over the terms and conditions and then all the sudden they this question comes up to their mind “what kind of blood are you giving him, is Muslim blood ?” In that situation the parents forget that if it is an emergency it doesn’t matter you have to save the person that is in pain. 

The weird thing that I heard from the teacher this week was that if it is prayer time in the Masjid, and some students go pray then won’t any students, I do get that point But I feel like that is discouraging them In my opinion. 

We also discussed the topic of wealth for example you are a refugee who came to the U.S and you are trying hard to learn and are very hardworking then you might achieve your goal, but you kids won’t have that because they don’t get how hard it was for you to get to person you are, and they have everything provided to them which makes them lazy and not wanting to do their work. 

I have a question for you: are camels halal? This is the most confusing thing to me. And I obviously still don’t get it.

The prophet’s daughter Fatima went to her dad the prophet and told “Dad I have no time to read my quran and I am worried tell me please what should I do”  He told her you can just read sourate Al-Ikhlass 3 times and you get the benefit if reading the whole quran. Reminder: this does not mean that if you have time Enough time and you do it you clearly don’t get the benefit. 

After this huge boring talk in class we finally got to go outside and play badminton, It was not fun it was totally not fair the level 1 went inn the good weather they didn’t have to worry about the sun, where as for us we had to go in the burning sun and we didn’t even  have water with us, but Honestly we improved at it , we played so much better than last week.

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