2019 Nov Class notes for 11/17/19 by DJ Age 18 Male

Class notes for 11/17/19 by DJ Age 18 Male

When I entered into class today, we first had our mediation and prayer session. I prayed my Fajir prayer and I also worked on my sitting position because I struggle trying to sit on my legs. My teacher recommended working on a couple of exercises in order to make my legs and knees more flexible. One of them was using stairs and stretching my leg on them, so they could open up and become more flexible.

After the prayer, I meditated for around 5 minutes and that did help me because I was able to clear my mind and to focus on class. After that, we had three new students who came in. Two of them were in 7th grade and one of them was in 8th grade. They were pretty young but they were fast learners and they were able to memorize Al- Fatihah in both Arabic and English.

We all did some crossword puzzles in newspapers that our teacher gave us and we spend around 15 minutes doing that. I learned that doing crossword puzzles, chess, or any type of activity that stimulates and challenges the mind is great for your brain and you should always try to do one.

I also learned that Albert Einstein only used 6% of his brain during his lifetime. I was pretty surprised by that because he was one of the smartest people to have ever lived, yet he only used 6% of his brain. I wondered what would it been like if we were able to use 20 or 50% of our brain. The way to reach 6% of our brain capacity, is to be a master in a subject that society gives you like a career.

After the cross word puzzles activity, we played some hangman between the new students and the old students. It was about who knew Surah Fatihah the best by memorization and we the old students won of course. After that, we had our testing session and I worked on memorizing Al-Maaooon in both Arabic and English. I was able to memorize it in Arabic fully finally and now I just need to get the English, which I know kind of but I am still shaky on it. I also practice tested out the whole prayer and I did pretty well. I just need practice.

After the testing session, we had our lecture that was given to us by our teacher. Some things that I learned were life is full of challenges and you must overcome them in order to succeed. I also learned that when you are in a position of power, your actions will effect lots of people whether you intended on helping or harming. They are countless examples of real life leaders who either mess this up or succeed in this concept. I also learned that if you want to be a leader, you must be the goat which is the top position of any career that you are in and you must also strive to make the world a better place, including taking care of the environment and animals because they are often neglected in this situation. They are also very vital to the Earth and must be protected in order to guarantee that the world is truly a good place. I also learned that the Quran states that if you walk on a step towards bad, four more steps of bad will open and if you walk on steps towards good, the same thing will happen to. This shows that one consequence can have drastic effects and it can open it up to more consequences. A person can easily become very trapped if doing this in a bad way.

I also learned that whatever you ask from Allah, use surah Fatihah, specifically the verse “The path of those whom you’ve favored”. Also while making dua, you must define what you are asking for and it must be something that will bring value to your life and not just a worldly desire that you want. We also talked about how everything was against the Prophet such as becoming an orphan and being chased out and having rocks thrown at him by the pagans while he was in Mecca, but he still managed to overcome it and this shows the resilience and grit of the prophet and everyone should strive to overcome difficulties when they are at their lowest or when the odds are against them.

I also learned that the Quran is full of innovations and it must be studied carefully and with great detail, so we could utilize it into our lives in the right way. I also learned that being a Muslim requires you to submit, which means obedience to find inner peace.

Lastly, the biggest thing missing these days in society is belief or a lack of it. It is important to have belief. My homework for next week is to fully memorize the prayer in both Arabic and English.            

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