Concept 28 -Mothers are special every day and so is everyday but I dont see you act special every day …

Concept 28 -Mothers are special every day and so is everyday but I dont see you act special every day …

Name: HA -Class: October 29, 2017 Due: November 6, 2017

Sunday School Essay


At Sunday School on October 29, 2017, we practiced and tested out on our memorization of the meaning of the prayer and of the Quran. Afterwards, during the second half of class, the boys went outside to play basketball for a bit while TeecherJi talked to us girls and our moms about what being a mom is like and what it’s about. We listened to each of our moms talk about what their experiences in parenting were like. Then, the boys came in and we continued the conversation on a broader level.

We talked about parenting in general(if the parents could go back and change one thing they did/didn’t do concerning raising us, what would it be), and how

we, the students, could be helped to do better in life(helped by our parents, our teachers, our peers, etc.). While our mothers talked about their experiences in parenting, I noticed how different each one’s story and lesson was.

The first one told us about her conditioning her daughter from an early age to be a good Muslim by playing the Quran in her room while she was asleep. She

also told us she is somewhat strict with her daughter, and does not allow her to be out of the house much with her friends.

My mother told us about how she learned when my older sister was at a very young age that anything she does herself, my sister and I will do the same. She then tried her best to be agood example for us, a paragon of good behavior, and most importantly, the best Muslim woman she could be.

The last mother told us about how strict she was with her daughter, and how it drove her daughter away from everything her mother wanted from her. She told us about how it had gotten to the extent where her daughter prayed in secret, because she did not want her mother to know that she was doing something she told her to do for once. Her daughter remained on the rebellious path for a very long time, just recently realizing that everything her mother had told her to do or not to do was for her own good. Something that made it harder was that she was divorced from her husband, and not only did she not have the support of their father, but the father was also speaking against the mother’s beliefs.

This class opened our eyes to our own futures, most likely as parents, and made us think about what kind of parents we would be when our turn came. As for me, I hope to be like my mother. Her parenting style is drastically different from my fathers, and I feel it is safe for me toknow enough about other parenting styles to know that my mother is definitely the kind of mother I want to be for my children. My mother trusts me to tell her things and not keep secrets, and I do tell her things because she has not made her someone to be afraid of. I have no fears telling her things about my social life because I know she will not criticize me. My mother and I have a mutual bond of trust, and that is why I want to be like her as a mother as well.

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