2021 October 31 — AH — male age 10 — Week 8

During today’s class, the emphasis was on testing, and lectures were divided into two periods. Due to our early arrival, we had some extra time to meditate, but not all of it. A few minutes after I finished my meditation, I was informed I would be tested. As part of the exercise in class, I was to describe the pledges, what they are, and why we practice them. Having lost my chance to speak, I will try again later, pressing back on the topic even though someone had eventually managed to adequately present them. If you forgot the pledge of allegiance is an expression of loyalty to the flag and the Republic of the United States of America. The pledge of faith that says I bear witness God is one/& Muhammad is his messenger and slave like Jesus Moses and Abraham before them. The pledge of knowledge is surah fatiha since it literally says to show us the straight path, which means to help us do the right thing. Not just that, but you’re offering compliments to GO(O)D and most likely to receive it .                      

                                                       Testing Periods

My prayer sheet was due today, as well as remembering ayat kursi. As for getting it done, I took pre-tests on multiple occasions, and also got the words good you’re ready out of them before moving to LG., I decided to work with a few classmates and At some point i went big shot on LG because I remember stumbling over some words at the time.  I dropped by (s) and did really well. I got a few tips then. The moment I was about to deliver I hesitated and went to someone else for reassurance LG was being very intimidating as usual and caused a lot of problems, eventually I ended up with three mistakes but I still didn’t encounter the real deal.

                                              requirements and homework

Since we had to cut up lectures earlier, it was quite new in that regard and discouraged my chances of testing on LG in class. We had gotten 6 pizzas, which were tasty, although I would have preferred some chicken ones since LG had mentioned it earlier by accident.I imagine the teachers couldn’t hold themselves because we received six pizzas. At one point, we heard someone had brought us books and Lg assumed it was more pizza. The first concept is homework and essay requirements and goals- because those are relevant and the ones most commonly missed. So for essays, needs include your’e name, age, what you were expected to bring, did you bring it, what we did. And, if given specific directions, follow them. Further in the direction of composing essays, we covered what we should incorporate in our recommendation about a green stairs leadership academy for an imaginary friend. Starting from what the program is about? What does the program do?What is favored about the program? And what is disliked about the program?we Examined The purpose of this course is to unlock the souls to understand prayer wudu Quranic hadith. How often have you tried just to get over with prayer without feeling any connection with God, or have you ever experienced that connection when praying?To inform you if you have not done green stairs, you are given the mechanics (prayer sheet, etc.) At level 2 and above you are believed to unlock the souls in numerous ways.

                           rules and morals

The Bs joke was applied and LG established rule number 1, Don’t take it from anyone, see if the plan is in place because we couldn’t discuss this in the green stairs. LG said the program is not Islamic it barely uses Islam to yield leaders, but in conclusion, The academy is held in a masjid, a building constructed for religious Islamic purposes. The upcominf word of the week is purist. We had to touch upon that subject because it was Halloween: Are you a purist? Do you celebrate the devil? I’m assuming  no. Do you go trick-or-treating? I’m guessing no. Have you ever had a kid knock on your door for candy, what are you gonna tell them? No, you can’t tell them because you’re Muslim, he mustn’t understand that something does not sit right with him for example how about you did you know prophet stories or hadith or Suna no and the cause of that is you didn’t have a clue what Islam was as far as you knew Islam is 5 prayers with a different amount of cycles were you just jump up and down flashing forward when you’re 15 you have encompassed greater knowledge and you’re opinion about you’re religion and skipping to 20 youre aware what you’re religion is you opt for it. if you used to go around trick or treating when you were 5 I’m pretty sure now you wouldn’t you know that could also be a reason why adults don’t wear costumes with there kids. Thinking of other things do you eat domino’s cheese pizza then that’s haram cause they cut it with the same knife even if you tell them not to they’ll just at the pizza say okay unless you’re standing right there staring at the pizza. If you’re not taking it seriously in other scenarios like pizza etc…Then don’t be such a critic be balanced don’t be so strict about the Halloween concept when you do haram stuff you’re self every day. You can’t take something and apply it to someone else stick with what you believe just don’t step on someone’s toe. Gradually lift yourself when you get to a point where you are now in your 50-the the 70s it’s really haram think of in this perspective I’m living in North America the population overrides Muslims not everyone is one so I might as well rethink my situation. The main point is you cant chase perfection at such a young you wanna be a purist be I but to warn you it maybe you may not be able to keep up. Another concept is page 1 do you read the Washington post even if you don’t here’s the front cover which is incredibly hard to get on lets you’re on page 14 you’re nothing you report to page 1 and in connection to the mastery concept I’m pretty sure this sparks one are you the ceo of a company or serve as assistance what do you accomplished during the day are you serving coffee or closing deals i’m not saying  youre position is bad i’m advising for you to not settle for one thing always try to master your work while you’re just writing but not improving it life is happening on page 1 not on 14. I would like to propose a question are you elitrate well mo certainly if you’re reading this you’re not to the mention of this remember what i stated it’s not that you can learn it’s your inability to learn in school are you failing one subject well it’s not that they don’t teach you it’s you’re too distracted to learn .And same goes for employment and work you want to work but you’re distracted it’s not a disorder it’s a mindset scoring  on the bullseye work your way up to being illiterate. Another word from our vocab collection is prudent How much do you leak about something how often has your mouth made something go wrong i’m guessing a diversity of times on occasion that is why the prophet shared this  take care of your mouth and you’re genitales.And one of many is the green card god cautiness be aware of god a similarity to situational awareness just like you take in your surroundings keep in mind that god is always on the watch if you’re not aware of god at a time be assured that you are likely to implement something to your displesence.  . In addition, we discussed some more common sense going back to the very beginning, such as don’t believe what someone important tells you just because it’s 20 degrees outside and you’re supposed to come to Jumaa today. What will decrease the risk of death. and sometimes you can’t even take it from parents cause digging into religion if you’re a Christian or Jewish or any culture in using common sense you’ll be able to tell what is right for you and what you can make sense of going back to stepping on someone’s toe lets just say you transferred from religion to Islam and you’re sisters happens to be Christan the Quran doesn’t declare they’ll be punished it it depends on there relation with Allah you cant be judging pepole you woudnt want that for yourself it even has possibilites of causing mayham and anarchy cause the world is small and imagne if everyone is judging the other it will spread more importantly the  idvidual that is being harshly judged may get effected in an enourmous way for instance thin woman once came to the masjid wearing a t-shirt and jeans people threw comments astighfiro lah and she got a few critics il leave the  assumtions to you she never came back.Do you think there is a halal or hram then some housing programs are hram pizza and some cake (meaning there cut with the same knife).Do you take medicine and do you mind if it has alcohol probably not or maybe yes but if you were in youre death bed and a pig has a curing subtance youll have to take it cause then its not haram.Its stated in the quran and say you cant but you can cause there is always a situation and there always a justification so you are unable to make catogories of halala and haram we have them but we dont follow them when we dont even know it  so if you have that mindset every person on earth is haram,see my point and do you think its debatable i dont think so but im open to sugsestions. had began discussing the concept of ice cream but never managed to actually do it i think due to a lack of ilitratness during that time feel but from what i was able to pick I stands for something in the lines of intellectually curious do you have any idea what is going on in the world i don’t have a clue when someone informs me about something that i find is interesting or for my good i am both exhilarated and astonished because i never knew. Sometimes this can come along more seriously and cause failure/damage in many scenarios so i guess the being intellectually curious presents itself like this class delivered an idea along the lines of don’t chase perfection do not judge and don’t step on their toe (S)had also shared about a split second were a jolt came on that someone he had been employed by who had done something illegal paid his bills and how he felt disconnected to allah because allah pays his bills not the employers and if you ever think that something you have or do was caused by any other purpose always be notified that god is the one running the show the one paying the bills  which i want to fall in with god cautious and you’re relation with him . Another thing we discussed is oral Retentivness  when a doctor has a patient they don’t know or  read the note there told this person has a left lump in there left leg  take it out (oral retentivness)is a key in the prophets time they didn’t have books they examined the quran and wrote the quran before the quran . And they’d sit at a bonfire and a girl would go somewhere with the father and they’d say you want her take then they just burn her straight in the fire. 

I feel like this class fell in the lines of don’t judge people and don’t chase perfection

I have to bring my exam and fully pass it 

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