2017 actual Exam by mb (actual note(s) from student(s)) – written under exam conditions from memory

(actual note(s) from student(s)) — written under exam conditions from memory

Monib Prayer in English
I’m Praying two rakats of practice prayer, facing the Makah, and I’m praying to God.
God is the greatest.
Oh God glorified and praiseworthy, blessed is your name is exalted your majesty. There is no deity worthy of worship except you.
I seek refuge in God from the rejected devil.
In the name of God, Most gracious most merciful.
All praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds.
Most Gracious most merciful.
Master of the day of judgement.
You alone we worship, and you alone we turn to for help.
Show us the straight path, the path of those whom you have favored, not the path of those you deserve your anger, nor the path of those who went astray.
Surah Ikhlas
Say God is one the only one
God is eternal and absolute
God has no children nor is he anyones child
And there is none like God.
Surah Asr
Throughout history (by time)
Mankind is indeed in a state of loss
Except for those who believe, do good deeds, tell the truth, and practice patience.
Surah Naas
Say I seek refuge in the Lord of Mankind
The king of mankind
The God of mankind
From the evil of the retreating whispers
Who whispers into the hearts of mankind
Among jinn and among men.
Surah Falaq
Say I seek refuge in the Lord of Dawn
From the evil of which God created
From the evil of darkness as it overspreads
From the evil of an envier when he envies.
Surah Kausar
Oh Prophet indeed we have granted you with the fountain of abundance
Therefore, be grateful and offer prayers and sacrifices to God only, Indeed it is your enemy who will be cut off from future hope.
Surah Maoon
Can you not see those who deny that the day of judgement is coming. They are among those who chase away orphans with harshness and they are among those who discourage the feeding of poor. Also be sorry for those of the worshipers amongst you, who are neglectful of their prayers, and for those who only offer prayers just to be seen by others. But refuse to take care of even basic needs of their neighbors.
God is the greatest.
Glory be to my Lord the most great.
God listens to all those who praise God.
Oh Lord, Our Lord, All praise is for you only.
Glory be God to the most high
All prayers and worship, whether through words, actions or good deeds is for God only.
Peace be upon you oh Prophet with all of God mercy and blessings.
Peace be upon all of us who are God righteous servants
I bear witness that there is no deity but God
I bear witness that Prophet Muhammad is his slave and messenger.
Darudi Ibrahim
Oh God bless Muhammad and his followers as you blessed Ibraham and his followers
You are the most praised the most glorious
Oh God exalt Muhammad and his followers as you exalted Ibraham and his followers
You are the most praised the most glorious
Oh Lord make me and my children steadfast in prayers.
Our Lord accept the prayer, Our Lord forgive me, my parents and all the believing and obedient men and women on the day of judgment.
Peace be upon you with all of God mercy and blessings.


Monib Grade 11

1. I bear witness that there is no deity but God and Prophet Muhammad is his slave and messenger.
2. Six Cardinal belief of a Muslim:
● God
● Angel
● Books
● Prophets
● Day of Judgement
● Accountability
3. How old is man’s belief in one God: Beginning of mankind.
4. Five pillars of Islam
● Faith
● Prayer
● Ramadan
● Zakath
● Ramadan
● Hajj
5. Fajr – 4 rakats, 2 Sunnah, 2 Fard.
Dhuhur – 10 Rakats, 4 Sunnah, 4 Fard, 2 Sunnat.
Asr – 4 Rakat, 4 Fard
Maghrib – 5 Rakat, 3 Fard, 2 Sunnat
Isha – 9 Rakat, 4 Fard, 2 Sunnat, 3 Witr
6. Basic belief requirement for one to be a Muslim: Shahada
7. Three simple rules to live by: Be good, Try to make others good and try to make the World a better place.
8. God purpose for all mankind: Be a Khalifa.
9. Universal Values: Rules most people see as right or wrong.
10. Top 5 Universal Values, explain 2: Don’t kill – If everyone kills there will be no one left.
Be Clean – If everyone was dirty disease can spread. Dont Steal, Dont rape, Dont sleep with anyone in your family.
11. 3 reasons we study Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): Embodiment of our faith gave us our faith, gave us hadith.
12. What is hadith and what is its role in Islam: Hadith is saying of our Prophet Muhammad and he tells us how to follow our religion.

Exam Metaphor
1. Branches and Tree Trunks: Tree trunk is religion, Branches are different variations of religion (Islam, Judaism, Christianity.)
2. Dartboard: The center of the of the darthboard is the most points, but you shouldn’t have to obsess about getting the most points, but to cash in points whenever you can. Points are good deeds.
3. Onion Rings: The entire ocean taste good but the center is the best, you shouldn’t obsess to be the best but at least be good.
4. Soap: If you take a shower without soap you will be clean but if you take a shower with soap you will be cleaner. Soap is your remember God no matter what you do or get you have got to remember God.
5. Cell Phone: If you have an old phone your phone call won’t go through, but if you have a new phone your call will go through. If you pray without focus it wont go through to God, but if you pray with focus it will go through.
6. Gallon of Oil: Everyone is born with a gallon of Oil. Each good deeds gets rid of a drop of oil. Our goal in this life is to get rid of that gallon.
7. Karate Chop: The only way to break a brick is with a karate chop down the middle, Any other way won’t break it. There is only one God, if there is any other one it’s wrong.
8. Bridge: There is a bridge on the other side of it is heaven and below the bridge is hell. You need to have a certain amount of points to cross. If somebody holds a grudge against you it can stop you from crossing the bridge.
9: Good: God is four letter word Good.
10. CCA: Context – Apply everything to context. Common sense: Everything you do apply common sense. Accountability: You are accountable for whatever you do.

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