2023 Sep Week 3 M 17

09/11/2023 OD Week#3
In this week’s class in the green stairs academy I came in early this time and I was let in to class and then he told us to go to inside the mosque and try to meditate for 30 min and I tried but I couldn’t then the teacher came to me and asked me to follow him because I couldn’t and the other were doing it I guess because he went up to there face and waved his hand to show me that they are spaced out and they will not wake up unless you touch them. Then he took me back and asked why I did not space out like them. I was not focused and concentrated when I was meditating. I told him that it was my first time and that I would love to learn how to meditate because it would help me relax and focus. And then he went to call them back to class so we could start the lesson. We started with the 3 pledges 1 . of the United States 2 . the pledge of knowledge 3 . the pledge of respect . I don’t remember it but it was for you to trust in the teacher to teach you the correct information and that he will not share any false information to us. Then we had to do some metaphors for the class that he had already written down for us and we went over like 15 of them as a class and then he gave us a homework assignment on the rest and told us to write what we think the words mean in a sentence or two. Then he told us to take out the paper so he can group us in to a group of 2 with a level 2 student or a parent or 1 of the teachers so we can test for the paper and the prayer so we can see how much we know and to teach us the good / easy way of remembering it. After we had a talk about how you should know who is who and who is around you and what they do and what they can do for you and as a teacher. Then a teacher who had one of their daughters join the class before and now she is in level 2 was testing me. We also talked about the five prayers that we do daily as a muslim Fajer , Duher , asr , maghrib , and isha and how many raqas there is in each one of them as a farth and as a sunnah and for isha the shifia & witr. So Fajer has 2 farth and 2 sunnah , duher has 4 farth and sunnah , asr only has 4 fath , maghrib has 3 farth and 2 sunnah , isha has 4 farth 2 sunnah 3 shifia & witr.
Then 2 of my classmates had a presentation to show us one of them was about shahada and the other was about a game and how it is connected to islam the game name was called valorant and it was an interesting presentation about it and was a good presentation. Everyone in class had to vote in class on the presentation for the 2nd one and I gave it a 8/10 because he is 12 but he was a little like not sure of what he was saying at least that what i thought it was. Then we had pizza and we talked about the class expectations and what we need to do to graduate from the green stairs program and be able to go to level 2 if you want to. Then we prayed duher and I went home then went to my job. I had work so I couldn’t do the essay on the same day and I asked him for an extension.

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