2023 Sep M12

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12 year old middle school student.

When I walked through the halls to get to class the door was locked, but my brother who used to be in the Greenstairs academy let us all in. Then the teacher (S) came. We started off class by heading into the Musallah to do dhikr (meditation). I had done dhikr about 2-3 times in this class. Today I don’t really think I felt the moment of when I was deeply in focus, but I know I have felt it before.

We then started by S asking another student O what the first thing we do when we start with class he answered correctly by saying “pledges,” S then asked O what the pledges are O didn’t know. We then all said the first pledge, the pledge of allegiance. Almost all of us including me know the pledge of allegiance because we have to say it every morning at school at least at public schools. We say the pledge of allegiance because we have the right unlike other countries to practice our religion and beliefs in public.

The next pledge was the pledge of faith, it was the shahada with a few other things. “There is no god but god but god and Muhammad is the messenger of god as was before him, Adam, Ibrahim, and Isa. The reason we say the pledge of faith is because we are obviously Muslim, and the reason we add the other prophets into the base shahada is because we acknowledge all prophets.

The next pledge is the pledge of knowledge. The pledge of knowledge is Surah Fatiha in English and with the emphasis with our teacher which we trust to give us the correct knowledge.

We next talked about some of the acronyms. We talked about the acronym “Go(o)d.” S started off by asking the level one and the level two students how to spell “God,” all the level one students said G-O-D and all the level two students said G-O-O-D. The level two students were correct because the reason we said GOOD instead of God is because everything that associates with God is good, an example being good deeds, we use good deeds to get closer to Go(o)d.

We next discussed Goats, I knew goats from last year. We discussed the comparison of goats vs sheep. The student O said the difference between goats and sheep are goats are leaders and sheep are followers. S then asked what O wanted to be, O deader de in silence. I believe S was a bit disappointed. Then S explained some examples of sheep vs goats, I personally don’t remember much as it was very brief.

The next acronym we discussed was B.S. S asked O if he was full of B.S he was confused because BS is usually used as a acronym for the word bullsh*t. Which no one wants to say in front of their parents and definitely not in a Islamic class. He then asked everyone else if they were full of bs and everyone said yes including me. Bs actually is an acronym for belief and sincerity, I knew this because of my older brother.

We did some more acronyms for a while then moved on to testing.

I continued where I left off before I left for Australia last year. Testing went pretty good I passed almost all of the sheet in Arabic and English.

Then for the last ten minutes of class we had homework assignments and S explained that if you wanted to do a volunteer assignment of a presentation you could. Although all level ones will have to soon. Last year however I did do one but it was very weak because it didn’t have any pictures and was very rushed, and I stuttered a lot when presenting.

Here is my previous presentation. Ladies and gentlemen,

Today, I would like to take just five minutes of your time to delve into the remarkable history of BMW. BMW, short for Bayerische Motoren Werke, is a German automobile and motorcycle manufacturer known for its exceptional engineering, luxurious vehicles, and iconic brand.

The story of BMW began in 1916 in Munich, Germany. Originally an aircraft engine manufacturer called Rapp Motorenwerke, it transformed into Bayerische Motoren Werke in 1917. From the very beginning, BMW’s commitment to innovation and precision engineering set it apart from its competitors.

In the early years, BMW produced engines for aircraft and motorcycles. However, in the late 1920s, they made a pivotal decision to venture into the world of automobiles. This decision led to the development of their first car, the BMW Dixi, which was based on the Austin 7. It quickly gained popularity and marked the beginning of BMW’s journey into the automotive industry.

Over the decades, BMW has become synonymous with performance and luxury. They have produced a wide range of iconic models that have left a lasting impression on automotive enthusiasts around the world. One such model is the BMW 328, introduced in the late 1930s, which showcased exceptional aerodynamics and advanced engineering for its time.

In the 1950s and ’60s, BMW faced financial challenges, but they managed to regain their strength with the introduction of the “New Class” models. These compact sedans, including the legendary BMW 2002, revitalized the company and laid the foundation for the BMW brand we know today.

The 1970s brought about a new era for BMW, as they embraced a more modern design philosophy. The iconic BMW 3 Series was born, setting the standard for sporty and elegant compact luxury sedans. This model became BMW’s best-selling vehicle and solidified the company’s reputation for blending performance and comfort.

In the following years, BMW continued to innovate and expand its product lineup. They introduced new technologies like all-wheel drive (xDrive), efficient engines with turbocharging, and lightweight construction materials. The brand also expanded into different segments, including SUVs like the popular BMW X5, X3, and X1, and even electric vehicles with the introduction of the BMW i3 and i8.

Today, BMW stands at the forefront of automotive innovation, continually pushing boundaries with their advanced driver assistance systems, cutting-edge infotainment systems, and electric mobility solutions. Their commitment to sustainability is evident in their efforts to reduce emissions and develop electric and hybrid vehicles for a greener future.

In conclusion, the history of BMW is a testament to the pursuit of excellence, engineering prowess, and a passion for driving. From their humble beginnings in aircraft engines to becoming a global luxury brand, BMW has consistently delivered exceptional vehicles that embody the joy of driving.

Thank you for your attention, and I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief journey through BMW’s rich history.

I think although this presentation was detailed it definitely lacked some things. Then we ended class, I think todays class was very benificial.

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