2020 September 6 – FH – female age 12 – Class Notes

          This week’s class was a little fun and different from the other classes, we first meditated for about 15 minutes, then headed back to the class and did the pledge of allegiance, the pledge of faith, and sourate al fatiha in english. The classroom was kinda split in halves one side for the level 1 people, and the other for the level 2 people, the first 20 or 30 minutes of class the level 2 students including me had to read the prologue of our assigned book (Understanding the Quran), while the others had to memorize their prayers. After reading the book the teacher told us to go setup the badminton game outside so that we can play it, which totally did not go as planned, we had a hard time setting it up so we went back upstairs, the teacher gave us a chance to set it up in the classroom and play in there, we had to be a little careful to not destroy the classroom with the balls, which made less fun. Then we watched the teacher play charades.

          The first Topic we talked about was the rope, sometimes you see someone who does not pray, not read the Quran, ect… but when it comes to eating they only eat Halal food. In people’s opinion they are good muslims because they can start from the easiest tasks and then climb up to harder tasks meaning  if they only eat halal food, after that they will start praying, ect…. Next the teacher mentioned BS, some people could think of it on the bad side but it actually means Believe and sincerity, we should always have a strong belief  in God, because otherwise you would forget your religion , therefore we have to love God and have a strong belief that he exists. 

Next we reviewed the CCA concept which stands for common sense, meaning you have to use your brain before any actions you make if the most famous Imam  known in the area tells you to go outside where it is snowing with summer clothes on your common sense should tell you that it is a stupid idea and that you would be very sick if you do it. The second C is for context and it means the circumstances of an event that is fully understood. Lastly the A stands for being accountable of your action let’s say you don’t use your common sense and do as the imam told and catch a cold you are the one who will be responsible for not using the brain that God gave you. 

We also discussed Belief and ritual, belief again means that you truly have faith in something, while ritual means that you are just praying but don’t actually have faith or belief in God, most of us pray because we have to not because you have belief in God, sometimes you can start praying and you don’t want to and then you feel like you are doing it because you  truly have faith that God exists. 

          The topic that I was really interested in this Sunday was about the scale, if you do something mean to someone and you pray, you  fast, ect… and you don’t get a chance to ask for forgiveness because maybe that person died then on the day of judgment you will be  put on the scale and your good deeds will be given to the person you were mean to and if that is not enough for them then they will give you their bad deeds, therefore you should always make sure that you ask for forgiveness when you get a chance to. 

Then we talked about S Bucks which basically means  banking with God  if you ask God for something that you really want he would look at your (bank account) and then see if you deserve what you want. The teacher also talked about the two angels on our shoulders the one on your right writes your good deeds and the one on your left writes your bad deeds but here is a thing if you think of doing something good just think of it, it still counts as a good, on the other hand if you think of something bad it does not count as a bad deed in less you actually do it. 

We also covered the destiny topic which means that if something is written for you then you can not change it, for example if your parents want you to be an  astronaut and you want to be a doctor but the job chosen for you is an astronaut. Sometimes your parents pray and say god give my daughter or son a job that is good for her or him, and want to be something not good then god gives a job that is good for and also safe. 

The teacher also mentioned that when you have a math test for example you may think that you studied and ready for the test but then someone tells you to pray before you go, well it is because you might feel sick that day or there may be construction around  ect…, therefore it is always good to pray to God. 

          For next week I will try to read the book and understand it more , I will do more of the Manzil, and review the stuff I already did.

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