2020 April Class notes by QH 11 yrs F for 3/29/20

3/30/2020 Q.H 11-year-old                         For Sunday school, we don’t meet in our classroom anymore. We meet online using an app called google meets. It is very cool. I like it especially because of breakout rooms. Breakout rooms are basically were you and one or more people are in a room that is different than the main one. So if someone needs to practice with someone else, or when someone needs to test out, they can do it privately so they don’t feel shy if they mess up.

            We talked about how Socks keep you warm. If you don’t have your usual preference of socks, use the next available thing. We talked about how the purpose of wudu is to prepare yourself for Allah’s presence. If you don’t have water use the next available thing to make the motions of wudu. If you are in a desert, use sand. Another thing we talked about, is about a prophet. He went to heaven and came back in one night. He actually went through the seven heavens. He was in self-isolation for three years, because his wife and uncle died. He rode on Barack, which was a mixture of a donkey and a horse. Barack had a special power where he could travel thousands and thousands of miles in one step. In the end, he got his soul cleaned and he became known as the father of mankind he met all the profits and remember this when we recite Atayat in our prayer. He was one of the only people in the presence of Allah. 

Since we haven’t watched the movie Mooz-lum in a while, we started the movie all over again. It started when Tariq was a little boy. His dad put him in this cultural school. His mom didn’t like this, so The mom took the daughter(Taqua) and the father took the son(Tariq). Then it showed This scene where Tariq had an interaction with a girl named Claire from the Catholic school next to his school. They talked and soon, Tariq sneaked out during lunchtime to meet with Claire. He then asked her and they became girlfriend and boyfriend. None of them were allowed to date, but they did anyway. On Halloween, they went supposed to go out and get candy. Tariq and his friend did anyway. They both had enough candy, but Tariq made one lasts tp to Clare’s house. They began to hold hands when the girl’s father caught them and so they were told to never meet again. Later, it shows Tariq as a teenager. He drinks alcohol and started to drift away from Muslim rules and responsibilities. After that, the class ended.

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