2021 October 10 — SY — female age 15 — Week 5

 this is my 4th week.today’s class we came late, again. My brother was sent to the masjid to finish the essay. I allowed it because I did my essay. When I came in and sat down the head teacher was talking about the reason he was doing this leadership program. He spoke

“people (more specifically parents) think this is an Islamic school and I am required to teach anyone like my brother (let just call him) O. If that was the case, then it would be called green stairs Islamic school, but it is not. This is a leadership program, and I am required to teach a few of you that actually want to learn, that is why it is called green stairs leadership academy.”

He then went on to say the three different types of people in this class. The slackers , the ones who are behind. The cruiser, the ones who do cruise along. The hacker, the ones who beat the system and submit their essay on Sunday instead of Monday 8pm, these are the ones he wants us to become. The head teacher asks us what dua the prophet made when he was in the stomach of a whale. I told him. From that he came to the point that the Quran is for time and that Allah told us stories of people of prophets, so we did not make the same mistakes as them. then he asks me what the 5 pillars of Islam or everyone are…? would have to stand on their chair. I was not sure if he wanted me to say in Arabic or English or in order or not in order. We ended up standing on our chairs because I was taking too long. My brother was called on to do it and he did it out of order, so he was told to do it in order. He asked me to say the 6 pillars and I told him in Arabic, and he translated in English. My brother was told, and he said it all but missed belief in Allah’s decree. He also said it in Arabic.

5 pillars of Islam:

–       The profession of faith (shahada)

–       Prayer (salat)

–       Alms (zakat)

–       Fasting (sawm)

–       Pilgrimage (haji)

6 pillars of Iman (faith):

–       Belief in Allah

–       Belief in his angel

–       Belief in book

–       Belief in massager

–       Belief in the day of judgement

–       Belief in Allah’s decree.

The head teacher told us a story of him going back home to South Africa. He had a friend that was a judge, and he went to check his visa and his friend said it was good to go. He went to him a few times and his friend said the same thing, so we went with him, his wife, and his children. In December he was told that he has some problems with his visa. This was when he was supposed to go back in January.  The head teacher looked at us and ask

 “do you think I was happy. Oh, thank you Allah for this. I get to stay in my homeland for a bit more. NO, I was very mad. I was like w* y Allah did you do this to me.”

(note: this is a note on what the head teacher said. On the day of the judgement where all humanity and jinn kind will stand to be asked what they use to do on the earth. There will be a group of people that are not going to be questioned on their sin. You ask who they are? They are the ones who when good came to them they were grateful and when bad came to them they were grateful. There are a few but think about it: how many humans have there been? So many that a few could mean a million, may Allah make us one of those few. Another thing, there are 3 types of people when it comes to Allah’s decree. The one who disbelieves and questions it for example “w*y did this happen”. The second one is a person who believes but also questions Allah, the most wise, Subhan’ Allah. The last of the three are the ones who have beliefs but do not question, may Allah make us one of them.)

Going back to the story.

The head teacher was trapped as he called it in South Africa. Another person who was not going anywhere was his favorite uncle who was bedridden. He told us a role model was his uncle. He talked to his uncle a lot during that time. After 6 month he came back to the states and he heard that his uncle passed away. He told us that things may look bad, but it always turns out as good, but we do not understand that until later. He is going to spend the last movements with his favorite uncle. What a gift this was given by Allah.

Skip a bit because I can’t tell you everything in just 1,000 words.

We had a pizza break. After teacher O wanted his homework from us. Which were what were the sons of the prophet may the peace of Allah upon him names and when did they die. My brother was called on to answer correctly. The son’s names were Ibrahim (youngster), Abdullah (the middle son), Qasim (eldest children). I told him why the enemy of Islam may the curse of Allah be upon insulted the prophet of Allah may the peace and blessing be upon him because he had no sons to carry his name, this was after the death of Abdullah may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him.

Teacher O ended up telling us that we were lazy, but I agreed the others were lazy but me or my brother were not lazy because we already know this, and we were carrying the class, alhadl’ Allah.

After that we played a game that help us learn each other’s name it was kind of dumb but kind of fun not going lie.

My homework for next class is to research about Khadijah may the mercy and peace and blessing of Allah be upon and surah mudathir.

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