2023 Sep Week 1 F 17

FL WEEK 1 FEMALE AGE 17 08/27/2023

Today I went to class, I arrived at 8h58. It was the 1st week at Green Stairs Academy Program and when we entered the teacher told us to sit close our eyes and focus on the song he put who was about There Is No God but Allah and Mouhamed his messenger and Will We were doing that there were on student M of the level 2 who explain to us the way they are doing meditation on that class and also they was a men A who were repent to become a Muslim and some student of the level two and their parents who were attributed on the class.

At the end of the meditation we revised the three pledge we had learned the week before and when we were doing it sister A said the pledge of faith, and I did the pledge of religion Brother M did the pledge of knowledge and he didn’t get it right so sister A and I help him but before he was supposed to say the Chakhada but he did in Arabic so all the group did 5 push up and after we were assisting to a man A who was converting to Islam who was with us from the start of the class.

Which the two Ouztaz and we made a circle to benefit it and the teacher asked him to explain why he was there to take the Chakhada he said that he knew he had Allah in his heart and the teacher asked him if someone forced him to convert and he said no and this was a good thing. Oustaz A says that there was no need to sit and repeat what they were saying and if man A believed there was no God but Allah and Mouhamed his messenger the teacher asked him if he was already a Muslim and Ouztaz said yes if he believed it and we got all the benefits of being there. when you convert you are pure like a newborn with no sins because all of them are cancel. your good things stay and we going to get his blessings because it is an honor for Allah. Oustaz B takes over by starting to say when you enter Islam you should be prepared to be lost because that goes with all that sacrifice because of the will we walk. There are basic things that we have to learn properly and truly willing they will be the day of judgments and sacrifice going to start with the person around him and he has to be prepared after that the teacher ask him all the things he had heard if he is going still to take the Chakhada and man A answer was yes and he told him to say God give me what’s good in this world, give me and all of us because he was just like newborn and he just takes his Chakhada and he was the best of us to make Douah and we all stand congratulating him.
The teacher asked the old students what is the value of six and if they got it wrong we going to get punished he didn’t know it so we stand on the chairs and did six up and down and after the teacher asked student H to say what six stand for and she answer God, Prophets, Book, Destiny, Angels, Day of judgments and after he asks the old student why five is important or we going to do 6 up and down if we don’t know it and they didn’t know so he asks new student and me and sister A we answer to it by saying the Chakhada, five prayers, fasting, giving Zakat, going to Maqua and after that we start doing as the teacher call it the fun part says what happens this week in the world and he was looking for others news like the seven kids with the seven cable and about Poutine. After we should had a conversation with the parents, students should to take the leads but not the parents for three minutes. The teacher asked us what we knew about each other and everybody had to take a turn after that we switched to another parent. After that, Sir. C taught us a pledge to repeat When the teacher came back we did it and the teacher asked everybody to write it down and nobody couldn’t so he went out, Sir. C repeated it he explained to us what was the meaning of the pledge and after he came back we all rewrote it again. The teacher asked us to learn sourate Fatiha in English because we were supposed to memorize it at home and not in class time it was wasting our time so we took about fifteen minutes to learn it and memorized it at that time there were parents of one of an old student who was telling us the story of their kids who said that it was hard and taught for the their kids at the beginning same as for us but after this program, they were a leaders. The teacher asked us are we full of BS half said no because we didn’t know that it was a metaphor that means Belief Sincerity so after that the most answer of that question are you full of bs was (not yet). Student M taught us three things she learned to this program how to do properly the salah, The metaphor of who was on the board means the specific terms to be a leader and to grow on our soul. And Sir. C teaches us the difference between management and leadership and I did learn CCA which means common sense, context, and physical cause and GC means God conscient.

For the next week, we have to know our sourates and the translation in English, learn one to eleven what it means for each single number also know what’s going on in the world and ready to talk about it, and still prepare our ten minutes topic for two weeks because we have to memorize the two pages the teacher gives us in Arabic and English.

Being a Muslim is not just to pray or do the obligation but to use God’s conscient to make our existence beneficial to anything. To make the world a better place to be like the Khalifas did somehow and not just take over the role of the prophet after he passed away but also helping anything by leaving a legacy.

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