2020 Feb Class notes for 2/2/20 by D.H. 13-year-old Female

2020 Class notes by Female D.H. 13-year-old for 2/2/20

My last class was very efficient mainly because I got a lot of work done. When I came into class, we (my sister and I) realized we forgot to do our previous homework essay. Luckily, we reached there at 9:00 am, which was very early and nobody was there. The teacher gave both me and my sister time to work on our essays.

By the time I was almost done, more people had started coming in. When I was finished, the teacher told one of the students, who the best-written essays in the class, to check mine. He told me to erase the extra run-on sentences and add more reflective pieces to create more balance in my essay.

After I had made my changes, another student was told to check my work and after that, I proceeded to give my writing to the teacher. I believe that I had written a good amount and was satisfied with what I had. Once he was done reading, he told me that my writing was so great that had I turned it in earlier, he would’ve had a hard time deciding which one was better. I felt really proud of myself and so did my parents when I showed them.

As usual, we moved on to learning the Arabic and English translations of Salah. I had to practice on learning Tashahhud and the Darud, both in Arabic and English. Overall, this was by far the most challenging thing to learn, but it all paid off when I recited it perfectly in front of the whole class while also maintaining strong eye contact with my teachers. He then told me that he was very impressed. There was also a new student who joined our class that day. He seemed nice, though I haven’t yet had the chance to talk to him.

About 45-50 minutes later we stopped to talk about current events. The teacher explained that someone people work very odd jobs. He then continued to give two examples, but the one that stood out to me most was how there are people who work with Water Flow. According to him, there are people whose main job is to figure out what the flush rate of water is. There are different flush rates, that need to be calculated differently, there are three important ones; the flush rate of water through shower heads, dishwashers, and toilets. From this, I learned that people could make money from anything.

After the short break, we went back to testing out and learning more surahs. I continued to go over everything I had learned. I worked with my assigned parent who helped me a lot. A little while later, my parents came, and I showed them what I did. We again talked about the major current issues with them and the other parents. This class taught me a lot. I learned about Tashahhud, Darud, the Islamic reason for the Corona Virus, odd jobs people do that pay them quite a lot of money, and lots of surahs.

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