2020 April Class Notes by DH F 13 years for 3/29/20

3/30/2020 D.H 13 years old 3/29/20

Last Sunday, I wasn’t there in class, but my sister was. I read the notes she wrote down and read her essay. Due to the coronavirus, we didn’t go to the masjid and instead we used Zoom. According to my sister, there are breakout rooms where people can test out privately if they are nervous about testing in front of everyone. This way more than one person can test out at a time.   

The class talked about Wudu and that its main purpose was to prepare yourself for Allah’s presence. If you don’t have water to perform Wudu, you can use the next available thing. I’ve heard that if you are in a dessert and there is no available water for Wudu, you can use sand to complete it. They also learned that Prophet Muhammad went to heaven one night and talked with Allah. There are seven “layers” in heaven and he went through all of them.

Prophet Muhammad was one of the only people to have been on Allah’s presence. Prophet Muhammad had a donkey. This donkey was special. Its name was Barack and it could travel thousands of miles in only a few steps. Prophet Muhammad also got his soul cleaned and was renamed the father of mankind. 

We once (in class) started a movie, Moos-lum. It was about a Muslim boy who was forced to learn Islam and had to stay strong during the time of 9/11. Because Tariq’s father wanted to force Islam on him, Tariq’s mother left with Tariq’s sister but his father still had custody over him. We would only watch this sometimes. Last class, we started it all over again. My sister told me that in the beginning, Tariq began being friends with a girl (Claire). 

They started hanging out and soon enough they began dating. Obviously Tariq was not allowed to date but neither was claire. They began to get very close but then Tariq’s dad caught them and they were banned from ever meeting again. A scene also showed Tariq slowly drifting away from Islam by starting to drink alcohol. This all taught me that forcing Islam or even anything on someone won’t do anything good. Instead, it will do the opposite.

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