2020 October 18 – HM – male age 14 – Class Notes

          Today I got to class a little bit late because I wasn’t ready in the morning. But even though I came ate to class I came prepared with all my books and I brought a bag like the teacher asked for last time. I did spend time studying at home and in the car before I got to class. I forgot some translations and I thought I would be able to do good inside the practice test today. 

          We started off class normally with prayer and then 30 minutes of meditation. Then we did the pledge of allegiance, pledge of faith and recited surah fatiha translation like we do every class. We had two new students today with us so we started off class with a review of the 6,5 ,5 and 5.The first os the six beliefs of islam which are, to belive in the one god, to believe that there are trillions o angles, to believe in all of the four books that god sent down to us so we can learn, to believe in the prophets that these four books were sent to, to believe in the devine laws that are written in these books and to believe in the  final/judgment day will come. The first five is the five pillars of islam which are, belief, prayer, fasting, charity, and pilgrimage. The second and third fives are the five prayers and their time of day that you do them. First is fajr which is at sunrise, second is duhur which is before noon, third is asr wish is at noon, fourth is maghrib which is at sunset, the fifth and final prayer isha is before you go to sleep/ at night.

          Next we started three different movies that we were going to spend most of our class time watching . We’re supposed to try and understand the main idea that the teacher is trying to get across when he shows us the movies. The first movie we watched a little bit of was a movie about a little boy in the first grade who is not good in school and can’t understand the concepts the teachers are trying to teach him, instead all he does is goof off and not pay attention at all.  The point of the teacher showing us this movie was to show how different people can learn in their own ways and interpret things differently, but they can still achieve greatness later on in life even though they may have a rocky start at the beginning. Our teacher pointed out the parts inside of this movie where the kids dad would yell at him. The first time he got yelled at was because he fought back against the bully that was trying to bully him in the yard, so when the bully’s mom told his dad his dad slapped his son across the face. The teacher then explained about how more parents are doing things like this these days and how they should listen to both sides of the story before making their decision at who is at fault here and that parents shouldn’t trust everything other people say but they also shouldn’t trust nothing like the topic we talked about the week before in class. The topic was when should you be a sponge and when should you be a brick, when you are a sponge that basically you soke up all the information that is given to you and you accept it, but being a brick is the opposite, being a brick means you won’t accept any words that people are saying and just reject anything that someone will say to you. There are times when you need to be bricks and times when you need to be sponges was the point the teacher was getting across while making this example. 

          The second movie we watched was about an 18 month girl who had a big head because of issues with her body. The movie was basically a documentary about this little girl and her family and their problems. Before he showed us the documentary he told us about how we should tell our parents everyday about how we’ll always love them and about how we should thank god about how he gave us a healthy body and gave us a family and all the things that we have been blessed with in our life. The movie itself was the example for the topic about how we should always be thankful of what we have and how we need to always praise god because he gave us all of the things that we have inside the world.

          The third and final movie was an animated movie about the prophets early life as a messenger of god. It started off by showing how bad of a place that mecca has become with all the corruption that had occurred in the time in between prophets. The kaaba was filled with idols because of the pagans that were living there at the time. The prophet got the message inside the cave from Gabriel and started to spread it throughout mecca in secret. Then it went through how the prophet told everyone about the one god that he believed in. Most of the meccans rejected the message but few joined him still. That’s where we stopped the movie because other classmates were getting bored of the movie and the teacher only made us watch it to see how the prophets’ life was. 

           Near the end of class we went into testing and studying time so people had a chance to test today. I had to review all of the front and back of the sheet and translate all of the prayer into english. I had to do the practice final test with my mom so I was really nervous and didn’t really know what to say because I had forgotten everything so I need to wait a little bit longer before I test again. 

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