2019 0What I have learnt at GISLA – student essays

2019 0What I have learnt at GISLA – student essays

9/8/ 19 I am a student at the Leadership academy for teens, when I first entered the class, everyone was welcoming and introduced themselves to me, they also asked me things about myself to get to know me. Everyone started off praying, and then doing the pledge. Then we started learning about past events involving Islam, and then headed into learning Surah’s. Some things I learned are how to introduce yourself to someone, what questions to ask, and how to keep a conversation, how to sit properly while praying, what Surah’s to recite when starting, during, and ending the prayer, and why it is important to pray regularly, and not just when you want, or need something. I also learned the meaning of Surah Al-Ikhlaas, and the meaning of Surah Al-Fatiah in English. After learning it, you get tested to see if you remember. Overall, the work isn’t very hard, and is easy to understand. Everyone is friendly, and is focused on helping you learn, and improve.  

9/16/19 2nd day in class by 15 year old male

I arrived to the class at 10:00 am. I was excited, and started off doing one cycle of prayer (Fajir). Then, I practiced how to sit for about 5 minutes. Then we all faced the American flag, and started reciting the pledge of allegience with former students, and parents.

After, we faced the Qibla while reciting the pledge of faith. After that, I got tested on Sarah Al-Fatiah in Arabic and English, then Surah Al-Ikhlaas also in Arabic and English, and then I got tested on what to say while praying. I got tested on when to say Subhana Rabbles-bi-yal Azim, and also what it meant in English. Also I got tested on when to say Rabbles-bana Lakal Hamd, and what it meant in English. Another thing I got tested on was what when to say Sami Allah Liman Hamidah, and what it meant in English as well. After testing, I got assigned with a parent who was gonna help me learn Surah’s Al- Asr, and Al- Kawthar in arabic.

After about 30 minutes of memorizing each I got tested on those two. After learning, the main teacher started talking about homework, and showed us examples on what we need to do. Then, he started teaching us about why we should obey Allah, why we should want to pray and not just do it ’cause we have to, why we should fast if we’re healthy enough, why we should donate if we have enough money, and why we should go to haj. After that, he taught us about how we should only correct ourself, and never correct others unless if we’re asked. Then, he talked about how Moses got sick, and asked Allah for help, and how Allah told him to eat certain herbs, and then how someone else asked Moses for help when they were sick and how he gave them the same advice, and also how it didn’t work, and when Moses asked Allah why it didn’t work, Allah replied and told him that he is the one who controls health. After, he talked about how if you have food in your house, your neighbor should never go to sleep hungry, and how we should feed the poor, and give food instead of money to the homeless, or people who need it, and to also make dua. Then, he talked about how Prophet Mohammed forgave enemies who no one excepted him to forgive, and why he forgave them. Also, he told us to never judge anyone without knowing them, and how u can’t assume negative, but have to prove negative. Then, he talked about how we can increase chances of survival by invoking god. Also, he talked about how some things are written in pencil, and other things are written in pen. Another thing he talked about is how pencil can be changed, while pen can’t. Also, he talked about how we believe in angels because they brought down the Quran. Then he talked about how Allah is the most gracious. After that, it was around 1 pm and class ended.

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