2019 Nov Class notes by HL age 14 Male for class of 11/17/19

        Week of November 17th written on November 19th. Essay written by a 14 year old boy in 9th grade. This week on the green stairs leadership academy we had three new students. A boy and a girl that were brother and sister 7th grade, and a girl in 8th grade. 

      My dad dropped me off at 9:39 AM. I was meant to be there at 9:30 so I was late. This week I was supposed to test out for the level one test and I did not so that means I did not do my homework. When I walked in a greeted the teacher and did my two cycles of morning prayers. The teacher asked us to put blindfolds on while we were praying so we wouldn’t get distracted by our surroundings. 

      After the rest of the students arrived and got settled, we tested out and went over concepts. The first concept that we went over was the concept of slacker, operator, and hacker. Basically those terms refer to the three types of people in this world. There are slackers who do the bare minimum and never advance in life, there are operators who apply themselves and operate life, and there are hackers who figure out how to beat the system. 

       The second concept we went over was the three p’s. They stand for power, passion, and poverty. Essentially, these are the three things that motivate people in the world. Once one has power, they never let go. People also chase passion rather than doing what’s sensible. Lastly, when people are in poverty/struggling financially, they are often more motivated.

The third concept that we talked about was the concept of goats and sheep. When you look at goats, they are the ones that stand out and speak their mind. Sheep on the other hand just follow the crowd and never speak their mind.

       The last concept we talked about was surah fatiha and how you can use it as a formula to get what you want from your parents. Personally, I have used this method on multiple occasions.

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