2019 May Mothers Day letter by married 30+ year daughter

Mother’s Day Letter     by 26 year old daughter 


O Ammi Mere Ammi

O Ammi My Dearest Ammi

O Ammi My Lovely Ammi

O Ammi My Beautiful Ammi

O Ammi My Heartbeat Ammi

O Ammi My Everything My Life My Pulse

Assalaaamualaiqum warahmatullaahi Wabarakaaatahoooo,

Alhamdulillaaahi Rabbil Aaalameen,

The most wonderful thing to happen to me was i became your Daughter, also with a Special case , your First  Daughter your Baby Darling Daughter, So, you became my Ammi , You are my Ammi, My Everything.

The moment you brought me to this Earth by the Grace of Allah Subhaana wataalah , I in your arms, feeling your warmth, seeing you , my eyes are blessed to see you, my toungue my mouth is blessed to say Ammi, my ears are blessed to hear your voice, to hear you smiling You are World to me.

You took my care feeded me , cleaned me , washed me , applied cream, massaged me, cuddled me , combed my hair, did all the things, taught me “Allah who is Allah”, you hold my hands taught me to smile taught me to walk”,I can feel your heart, you did so much for me, I always feel safe when i think of you, be with you, talk to you.

I can’t live a day without talking to you, the moment I wake up I want to hear you, as soon as I hear you my heart fills up with Peace tranquility ,Anything I share with you, The Joy becomes so Joyful, you are my love , my bestestest…..Friend, you are my teacher , you are my Guide, you are my everything My Ammi.

Allah Subhaanawataalah bless you with all success in this duniya and hereafter Aakhirah. Ammi I want you always in my life, never leave me alone, Allah grant you the highest rank in Jannah Aameen, Allah give you all the pleasures of this world and hereafter, Allah make your all wishes come true, Ammi Allah fulfill all your dream of going Hajj and Umrah many times Aameen.

Ammi I want you to be my kids Nani and my Kids Great Grand Nani…Aaameen, Be with us always.. Ammi Allah cure and give shifa and eradicate all your illnesses and grant you the best of health  so that you can do Ibaadat to the best and do all the chores best and healthily.

O Ammi Allah gives you Barakah in your life of all the good things.O Ammi Allah bless you with all the best of this Duniya and Aakhirah which our Prophet Sallallaahualaihiwasallam has asked for.Aaameen.

Ammi You always be happy, I can’t see you sad, you are my heart, I want light from you, I want you to be happy and your life fill up with full happiness joy Barakah and we become your best kids, I can’t repay a single thing of what you have done and doing for me , O Ammi I am your daughter , you are my Ammi, I Love you so much, be happy and trust Allah . Allah is great. Alhamdulillaahi Rabbil Aalameen.

O Ammi I Love you so much you are my Heart Ammi i want to and will become Hafiz Al Quran Haafiza InshaAllah for you and Abbu.

O Ammi I love you and Abbu so much You are my Love My Life My Sweetheart My Darling My Rose My Moon My Star My Ammi is the best of Mankind after Prophet Sallaaahualaihiwasallam.

O Ammi My Ammi Day is everyday to tell you this Ammi Day is always for me.Alhamdulillah. Lots of Love and Dua. Your lovely daughter

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