2019 May Feed back on Ramadan 2019 Class Sat and Sun for adult


This is review of my first two 2 days May 11th and May 12th 2019.

The TeacherJi for this class is a very intelligent man, who is full of Knowledge and can blend with all people’s understanding.

He is well educated person both from Deen perspective and Duniya perspective and most importantly very Good Person.

Islamic Centre of Virginia has this TeacherJi who is full of Light, so i am honored to be his student. I got to know about his classes from ICNVT website and I came and started on May 11th 2019 Ramadan Alhamdulillah.

My Point is TeacherJi understands and answers ours all doubts in Faith and life perspective.

In the May 11Th session i got to learn all the surah Al-Fatihah with meaning. When i got feeded in my mind word by word, it proved to me to be very helpful.

Actually after learning (surah fatiha meaning), I can now pray with FULL BY HEART Meaning , as suggested by Teacherji. This has helped me to understand and feel in my heart and brain what I am reciting the Words of Allah.Subhaanallaah.

Teacherji also gave techniques to learn and memorize MaaShaAllah,

1.That to Repeat each Line 3 to 5 times and get “Juiced Up” (focus) what we are reading, so that it comes and flow like water when we say.Alhamdulillah.

2.The next technique is after reading and learning we can write it down so that it sticks to mind,         InshaAllah.

My most Important point is the teacher gives “One to One” attention to all the students,

As I previously mentioned he is a fountain of Knowledge, and he understands each and every person from kids to adult , and listens them and answers them the best he can.

This Program of Four Week is to Learn to know what we recite in our Prayer,….. Which might seem very simple, but is very important, so,that we can feel Allah subhaanataalah in Prayer

We will know what we are saying in our prayer,after learning and gaining knowledge from this Program InshaAllah.

It is a program which teaches us very importantly , BS which means Believe in Sincerity.

In this program i also got to meet all new people and make friends Alhamdulillah.

So, InshaAllah i am looking forward to gain as much knowledge from this program InshaAllah.

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