2021 September 25 – BA – Age 16 – Week One

During my first week in GISLA, we learned some different concepts and ideas that I never heard about.

I first came to class at 10:02 the teacher told me to never come late again or else I would pay the price. Then we started off the class with the pledge of faith, pledge of knowledge, and pledge of Allegiance one of the students were having a hard time saying it and the teacher told me I was going to have to do it next week.

Then we started to talk about common sense and how it correlates with charity, you shouldn’t give everything you have but rather give 1/5 of your earnings. After we did a review of Amanah from the previous week (which I wasn’t here for) they said it meant teaching or educating other people from what you have.

After I had a presentation in front of the class about Amanah I was stopped because of my presentation skills so H. taught me to have proper form and not to move around and have eye contact with a person’s forehead.

Some students came after that we then played hangman for the word gratefulness and how we should be grateful through any experience we go through. Then me and a group of students were taken out of class to get tested on our prayer and surahs I did really good on both of them I finished Quran before which made it easy and on the salat part I just didn’t know the meaning.

The teacher gave me a B+ grade then we went back to class we had pizza but I wanted it after the class ended.

To end off the class there was a special guest speaker he talked about how time was important and you should always be doing something productive to be successful in life. We then asked him about can a person can drive a new BMW every day to the mosque if he can afford it.

He told us no because it was kind of like showing off or the word we learned ostentatious. By then it was 10 minutes until dhuhr the teacher then explained to me what my homework was to memorize the meaning of surah fatiha and the meaning of everything we say in salah.

To finish off we prayed in the mosque I grab some pizza but then it fell on the ground πŸ™

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