2018 Nov Student letters to the Jewish Community after Pittsburg Synagogue Shooting

by KL 16-y/o November 4, 2018 Dear fellow American in faith,

My name is K L, I’m a junior and attend a Leadership Academy at the Shirley Gate Mosque Islamic Community. I am writing to offer my deepest condolences to the Jewish community as a whole for what has occured in Pittsburgh this past week. It is a shock and a great disappointment to something so terrible happen in America in 2018. It’s an outrage that any community be targeted as yours has, and I’m sorry for ho this has affected your community as a whole. I am writing this because I believe as a fellow person in faith, I believe it is important that we we come together in times of need whether or not we practice the same religion. I admire the strength you community has shown to stand behind you in support and strength. If there is anything the Islamic community can do to directly provide emotional(or any type of support apart from that) support, please visit icnvt.com and contact us with any help we may be able to offer. I again want to offer my deepest condolences to the Jewish community and remind you that you are not alone in this difficult time, and you’re standing with many Islamic brothers and sisters on your side, supporting you. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter, and I hope it aids you in recovering from this incident in your community.  Your fellow person of faith;

y OS (16) 11/4/18 Dear Jews, The tragic event that took place last week up in Pittsburg was awful and I would like to offer my condolences to the eleven victims, their families, and the Jewish community as a whole. You were all affected by this attack. I know it must be frightful for some to openly practice your religion, but those of you who are I have the utmost respect for. You are all brave and strong and I will keep all Jews affected in my heart and prayers.

AL    17 11/42018 Dear Jewish Community, My name is SLal I am a Muslim from Shirley Gate Masjid. I can only imagine the pain felt by the hatred expressed by the shooter who decided to take the lives of eleven dedicated worshipping Jews, whos lives were ended shortly. I would like to offer my condolences to all eleven families and surrounding communities that have been affected. Hopefully the Shiva has helped all mourn and appreciate the life the lived and console their loved ones. Sincerely,

By: H L, 2018 Dear Jewish community, Throughout history, people of all races & religions have been discriminated against. I am writing this letter to offer my condolences about the tragedies that have been happening to the Jewish communities over hundreds of years. First, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is h, and I attend the Islamic Center of Northern Virginia (ICNVT) on Shirley Gate Road. I am 13 years old. I’d like to offer my condolences to the entire Jewish community because I feel so bad about the shooting that occured last week. Some people just have something wrong in their head, which is most likely what was wrong with the shooter. I hope that one day, even though it is very unlikely, these great tragedies will stop happening. Sincerely,

D Age 17 2018  Dear Jewish Community, Hello my name is D and I am from the Islamic Center in the Shirley Gate Mosque and I would like to express my condolences to the tragic shooting that has occurred in the Jewish synagogue in Pittsburgh. I hope US, as a community, can reunite together and help fight this bigotry and racism that is so prevalent in the relations between our communities, we must hold interfaith meetings and improve the relations between our religions so we can get rid of stereotypes and misconceptions that our communities are plagued with. I would also like to invite you guys to our leadership Academy so you could learn about our program and

Nov. 4, 2018 Dear my fellow American in faith,
My name is H and I’m a member of the Islamic community and the Shirley Gate Rd mosque. I would like to take this time to offer my condolences to the Jewish community in light of the tragic event that occurred at the synagogue Pittsburgh. I can’t begin to imagine what you guys must be feeling. I personally would be confused and shocked. Why would they attack our community? What reason could this person have to do this, to make us feel unsafe in our place of worship?

For something like this to happen in America, a place that is based in a principal in a belief that all people are free to practice their own religion is a complete outrage. Again, I would like to offer my condolences in this time. Respectfully,

RA 11/4/18 Age 15  To the members of the Jewish Community My name is R and I am writing from the Islamic Center of Northern Virginia. I am truly sorry for the horrid events that happened in the Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting. This action of hate is an outrage and expresses the ignorance of evil people in the world. People like us that suffer from some peoples hatred toward us, need to unify and come together against this type of ignorance. For centuries our communities have always pointed out our differences and rivalries. It is our generations turn to turn away from that and point out our similarities and learn  more about each others perspective and traditions. We should introduce more youth programs for the newer generations. Again we offer our deepest condolences for the loved ones lost in this dreadful act of ignorance and we hope we can come together to battle this same fight that we are in.


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