Concept 10 – numbers 1, 5 and 6 have signficance

Concept 10 – numbers 1, 5 and 6 have signficance

We believe in ONE GOD

We have a minimum of two cycles in Prayer

We have 5 pillars – The 5 pillars of Islam are Shahadah, Salah, Zakat, fasting, and Hajj. These pillars are the basis of being a Muslim.

# 1 is Pledge / Shahadah is when you recite “There is no god but Allah (SWT), and Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is his slave and messenger”. This statement is the one which makes you Muslim, and expresses your Muslim beliefs.

#2 is Prayer / Salah, is when you pray to the one and only god as a mean of worship. Muslims do this 5 times a day, known as Dawn /Fajr, Lunch / Duhr,  PM Snack /Asr,  Sunset / Maghrib, and Bedtime/ Ishaa.

#3 is Cleansing Charity / Zakaat, is when you give charity to the less fortunate. Allah (SWT) has quoted in the Quran “Do not talk to me if you’re neighbor is poor and/or starving.”

#4 is is Abstines fasting /Ramadan, which is when you don’t eat for 12 hours to actually feel the pain/hunger of the less fortunate and to appreciate what you have, if you are, for any reason unable to fast, you pay Zakaat, and/or fast after Ramadan to make up the days.

# 5 is Fraternal Pilgrimage / Hajj, which is the ritual you perform when you visit the house of Allah (SWT). These are the rituals that Muslims perform because Prophet Muhammad (SAW) performed them. It is also said in the Quran to perform these certain rituals, and they are the most important, mandatory for being a Muslim.

The above “rituals”  go hand-in-hand with the 6 beliefs. The 6 pillars of faith are the 6 things that Muslims believe in, the base of our religion.

The first one is belief in Allah (SWT), which means you believe that he is the one and only god, & belief in all his names.

The second one is belief in Angels.  This is to believe that the angels exist. No one knows their exact number except Him (Allah SWT). He created them to worship Him.

The third belief in his books. This is to believe that Allah (SWT) gave his messengers books to convey mankind. The well-known books are the Quran, the Ingeel (The Bible), the Torah, & the Zaboor (Psalms).

The fourth belief is the Prophets who were assigned to deliver these books to us

The fifth is the belief in the Day of Judgment.

The sixth belief is that you are going to be accountable for your sins on the Day of Judgment.

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