2019 Nov Class Notes for 11/10/19 by DC 18 yr old Male

DJ 18 years old Male Class of 11/10/19

When I went to class today, we first had our testing out session. My homework from last week was to work on memorizing the whole prayer and learning Al- Maaooon in both Arabic and English. What I did in class today was that I learned Al-Maaooon in Arabic by using my phone and It took about 15 minutes to fully learn it and when I tested it out, I passed. I also tried learning it in English and I was able to practice test it, but I am still shaky on it and I need to practice more on the English translation. I also did a practice test on the prayer and I did pretty well in it because I was able to reach all the way up to around Darudi Ibrahim without looking at the sheet.

After the testing session, we spend the rest of class having a lecture, discussions, and guest speakers. The first thing we did was talk about the news and what happened in the world lately. One thing that we discussed was about how a Muslim women won the Virginia local elections recently and how it was a big achievement to the Muslim community In Virginia. After discussing that, we had our first lecture and it was about being a leader and how to achieve self-improvement.

 Some things that I learned were that you must know what you want to become in life in terms of your career because it is important to always stay ahead in the game and make your future. Know what you want to do in the future. I also learned about the attributes and what it takes to become a leader and they include pushing people to the limits so they can unlock their true potential, having confidence when speaking publicly, having authority so you can show people that you are the boss and they must listen you, and being a communicator which means that you must be an expert in whatever subject you are specializing in and you must have good vocabulary.

You must also have the ability to bond with people whom you are leading so that you can create a good relationship with them by earning their trust and that will benefit your career or whatever you are trying to do. I also learned that leadership is about setting marks which are goals and getting results done.

We also learned about what servant leadership was and examples of it include the Prophet Muhammad, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King Jr. Some of the attributes that servant leaders have are the ability to figure out people and what they do and the problems that they are facing in order truly understand them and you must also work on being cool with everyone, even with the people who disagree with you. Doing this, will make you more comfortable and the people around you so you could work on compromises. A last attribute of a servant leader is that you must be the person that other people want to become so that there could be other likeminded people who are willing to carry on your influence and ideas.

After going through leadership, our teacher just gave some general advice and knowledge like how you must be comfortable being a Muslim and American at the same time, even though it is hard in our current political climate and how some communities are stronger than other one’s because they follow the rules and regulations that there society tells them to follow.

After the lecture, we had a guest speaker come in to talk to us. The things that I learned from his lecture was that if you want to enter into politics, name recognition is the key because you are more likely to win because more people are aware of you.

I also learned that when being in an interview, is it important to present yourself in a way that shows conviction and wanting to have the job and must also be open minded and be willing to speak with all types of people because that is the best way to gain and achieve trust and compromise. He also stressed on knowing the meaning of the Saleh because that is the best way to speak to Allah and find inner peace.

After the guest speakers lecture, our class ended and I went home. My homework for next week is to memorize the entire prayer and know Al- Maaooon In both Arabic and English.               

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