2023 Oct Week 9 by female 16

FL Female Week 9 Oct 23

Today was the nine weeks of the program. When we arrived, we did about five minutes of meditation, not too long because today was testing day. So, we practiced for a long time after we talked about sourate Al Ma-un and sourate Al Asr. Then we did a wash in some term we did last time about Deedat, 20%, khushu and Moon because we didn’t get it right in last week’s essay and a little resume for what is the Greenstair program.

                  We talked about sourate Ma un (107) this is about how we supposed to be Muslims. How we should look forward to the five main things which are day of judgment, orphans, poor, those who do not pray and those who pray just to be seen by others. This sourate is therevealed to answer the attitude of such people who feel they don’t have any obligation to help. People who are going to do their prayer to be seem or doing the ritual without knowing why or being hypocrite going to judge for their acts and those that are denying that everyone is going to be accountable for their deeds.

                We talked about sourate Asr (103) is how we are all in a state of loss. The reasons that hold people back from believing in God. Having beliefs, seeking the truth, doing good deeds and practicing patience. This Surat is known for the human history by the war, betrayal but also suffering. There was the example of Bilal who was a slave and one of the loyal prophet companions. he converted to Islam, and he was tortured because he talks about Islam just as Soumaya the first woman kill because she was defending Islam.

                 We talked about 20% which is part of the misunderstood terms we talked about last week. 20% is the Hubs rule by giving out 20% as a zakat to people in need and keeping the rest. The teacher also mentions the AC which stands for accountabilities, everything we do is on our own deeds. AM witches stands for Amana with is to make it better, because poverty in this world is unacceptable. The Shias applicated that rule as is it every Ramadan month.

                 We talked about Deedat again because we made some mistakes on our essays last time. So Deedat was a very religious man. Who was known for Muslim and Christianity debate. He was paralyzed on a bed until his death. At the time he was ill he was praying using his eyes. He has made his call using his eye that is teaching us no matter what is your condition you should do your call. “You born baby and you end up as a baby don’t you get it.”

                 People who suffered before dying. Some people are going to say that God is erasing their sins through this sickness. Others will say that it is for the highest level of heaven. The real reason is that people suffering is a test from Allah. One time a couple the man was suffering couldn’t take care of himself and he was saying a dua to God overtime and the was upset about that. Telling her husband, she does everything him but not God. The man told her not be part of his relationship with God or he beat her after, when the guy gets on his feet, he beat her wife because he has already done the promise to God.

              The khushu is to talk to God but is going to happen if you are not concentrated or have a connection with God. The khushu is connected eleven metaphor which is the 8 second concept is to stay on the connection with God. Improve our connection to our soul. Also connected to the twelve metaphor is phone connect who is not easy to do.

            We talked about the moon last time but is part of the misunderstood terms. The metaphor moon is that we plan what we want to do but Allah already has our destiny, and that thing is part of our destiny we can reach it but if is not you will never get. Nobody knows what our destiny is, so we just ask “

our Lord give us what is good in this world.

             We did a resume of what is the Greenstair program about for a student. The greentairs program was to make us better human beings. We learn leaderships skills how to provide on our way the Islamic message to make the world a better to place to be. Also, we learn some metaphors who are related to our life so can use them. The leaderships skills that we learn are speaking as articulating and also doing public speaking, written skills as we are doing every Sunday essays, retentiveness skills and time management.

        For next week, we must test out and know why we should about the others sourate but especially for Nas and Falah why these sourate came down.
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