2021 October 27 – HB – male – class notes

Today was my 4th week at GISLA and my homework was to write an essay, we had to prepare for the upcoming test. I came around 10:21 a little later then usually which it wont happen again as soon as I got there we were doing homework and stuff like that and people were just testing out, I wasn’t here last week so i don’t really know what happened but people didn’t do their essays so the teacher made them study for 80% of the class.

After a while, LG tested me out on surah asri and al hamd.

Which I completed both of them and he was shocked and told me good job and was surprised that I completed them. He told me to keep it which got me more motivated to keep reading and be ready for next week for the praying and tashahud.

Which I’m starting to get better on. After that LG started talking about colleges and how the smartest women in the world were answering questions or something like that.

Then we talked about the Washington post highlight it was a paragraph about someone that doesn’t really focus on sats or tests nowadays instead they were going to have to make you create a video and talk about yourself how LG was saying to us earlier. We then started talking about a gift or skill or a hard-working person.

Then after we got some pizza and sambusa which was really good and then almost hour later rice with salad meat and carrots.

Then we did preastion which we were working on for a while like cameras and something about orgami and the cameras that he was talking about he showed them to us and and talked about the lenses and stuff like that and he showed us other

And talked about like how the cameras move and the lighting, we also had another new student come by our class.

Other people also presented he picked random kids cause they need to make them stronger and not nervous.

I also got like up there to talk about my clothing brand and they were all impressed by my speech and they way i acted and said the speech.

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