2021 October 25 – Female – Class Notes

Today i was supposed to bring the english translation one of the duas that of which you could say at the end of prayer, today i came to class with the english translation of one of the duas you could say at the end of prayer and my homework for next week is to have the arabic translation of that dua and both the english and arabic of aoteht dua you could say after prayer as well as the english and arabic of surah maun which is the whole sheet. Next week I also hope to practice the entire sheet over and over so I can test out the following week.

I arrived a little late to class, getting the time it started incorrect and the teacher offered that he could pick me up as he does one of the older students at 7:30 so that i won’t be late again. Needless to say i did not want to wake up as early as that time/ even earlier so i could actually get ready for class and although i already realised and knew it earlier next week i was going to try harder to not be late by sleeping a little earlier on saturday so i wouldn’t be so tired in the morning and can get up earlie and get ready to go faster and by effect also get to class not only in time but early

Anyways though when i walked in everyone was testing out and such and when i went into my backpack i realised i did not have the english translation sheet and i forgot on my desk at home, so i looked into my backpack and also realised i had the older version of the sheet that they had given the previous year, the teacher asked about the sheet i was using and told me to tell the teacher.

So i walked to the teacher who was with another student and told him that i did not have my sheet and the student offered me her sheet, the teacher then told me to make a copy of that sheet. It took me a while to figure out how to use the printer, i made sure it was plugged in, tried to use the copy button and the start button etc.

I noticed the on off button and turned it off, and then on again. Then it had turned on and i figured out the order of how i should press the buttons and although i couldn’t figure out how to make it double sided i just printed two sheets of both sides and put those two sheets in a dust cover so for anything it was extra strong. I’m not exactly sure what that would be but it was definitely an effort.

I then went back to my seat and my sheet and practiced as well as tested out for the next hour or so. Then we had lunch and during lunch the teacher chose some students at random to present for 30 minutes and afterwards we went around to critique them.

The teacher told us to make sure we try to focus on one particular thing to explain in your presentation because the assumption is that your audience knows nothing about that subject and you want them to leave knowing at least a little bit about the topic rather than tid bits and confusion of many things in a topic. He told us to try and format our presentations as first telling the audience the topic you will be talking about, and what in particular you will do, talk, or show, he explained it to us sort of like a glossary so that your audience knows what to expect. My friends went and as did i, i think i had some personal critiques of my presentation like having a clear idea of one thing i wanted to say rather than jumping sound the topic as well as staying serious.

Today we mostly talked about one topic of mastery. It was hinted at throughout the day, for example our essays were meant to help us create mastery on a particular subject and then sharing that mastery to other people in hopes that you could help them create mastery. ] Mastery is the act/ the idea of having very comprehensive knowledge on a particular subject and that was the thing that our teacher was/ is trying to currently teach us.

That was then the end of class and we closed out, said goodbye and then left.

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