2012 Dear Pader Fathers day letter at age 15

Dear Padar, I remember you saying that Father’s Day should be just another day. I remember you said that Father’s Day is the saddest day in the world for so many children without someone to call dad. I guess I fall into that group now, the group of kids without dads, and that this should be the saddest day of the year for me.

And, in some ways, I guess it is, and in others it’s a happy day, because I can reflect on what a wonderful father I had – and still have, only now in my heart rather than by my side. You are the most loving, intelligent, wise father I could ask for.

I wish you were still with me physically, but you’ve given me enough strength and love to live peacefully even without your physical presence. And I want to thank you for that.

Thank you for the car rides, the long conversations, the trips and all the smiles. I love you, and I hope you’re having a peaceful wonderful Father’s Day today

Love, TA

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