2018 Dec – ACTUAL QUESTION – Is making some one wait for you the same as taking from their time? (This is assuming that the meeting time was agreed upon and the delay has no solid excuse). Is this the same as stealing from them since their time is irreplaceable and they have could have been doing something else, etc?

? based on this actual letter – Gentleman SLMS  R & S

See below

I spent quite a bit of time and good will arranging the schedule for this trip for R and each of you for this past week

L moved things around to be available for a visit with R between 10 and 10.30 on Monday at S’s workplace. Everyone agreed to the schedule including R. S explicitly agreed to the schedule and to text L with the meeting address

L was waiting for a text or call as to where the meeting would be. L waited and waited and finally gets a text around 30 minutes after the meeting time and now could not make it

THIS IS INCEXCUSABLE as I I took from L’s time that cannot be replaced by arranging for this meeting which everyone agreed to. I trusted S and R to follow through with their promise and it did not happen

As you well know, L is very dear to me just as each of you also profess to be which makes this series of events even more difficult to understand . Going forward, please TRY not to ever take away time from someone by your actions as this now requires asking for forgiveness which is not easy  to get.  Being late or not showing up is simply not an option

Please also do NOT discuss this topic with me again for quite a while as I am very upset that mine and one of my brothers time was so flippantly valued by people who are very dear to me who are otherwise professional in what they do


I am sorry for all this.  Please forgive me

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