2020 Feb Class notes for 2/2/20 by FH 12 year old girl

F.H 12 Years old 2/2/2020 This week I did my very best in Class I also Did a practice and Feel like I am ready to do the actual test Next Week.
In this week’s class the teacher talked about so many things, the first thing is that we need to get straight A’s because when you want to get to a good college, they will judge you based on one letter which is your grade and you will only be accepted for that college if you have straight A’s , which is fair because you should have known that before even applying for the college.
Another funny thing that happened today during class and that the teacher explained was that one of our classmates instead of writing the word prophet she wrote “phophet”, The teacher also explained that if you a small little typo in your resume and applied to a job you might not get accepted for that job, on the other hand if somebody came reviewed their resume and went over so many times might get accepted for the job.
Today we also discussed the corona virus and made some guesses why that is happening to the Chinese people there and we all agreed that maybe it is a revenge from God.
We also learned something Today that I thought was a little bit interesting, there is these 2 people that study about poop and get paid from the government the crazy thing is that they do that for a living.
The other thing that we all did not get is that America is Islamic I know that sounds crazy but if you think about it its not because they do things that we as Muslims in our countries they don’t do, an example could be counting bullets so police have to right a report about every single bullet they use, which a lot of countries don’t care about.
Finally the teacher talked about Halal and not halal and we cannot count how many things we are eating or drinking are not Halal let’s take a veggie Pizza as an example they cut it with the same cutter they cut the Peperoni Pizza with but that does not mean we cannot do anything about we could ask to do separate cutters I know that maybe they won’t listen to you but at least try to do so.

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