2019 Nov Class note by Z 14 year old male for class of 12/08/19

2019 Nov Class note by Z 14 year old male for class of 12/08/19

This week, I came to class prepared with Surah Al-Maaoon memorized in both Arabic and English. We started class like usual with two cycles of practice prayer and then about ten minutes of meditation and working on connecting with god.

After that, the whole class was told to sit on their chairs, and we were all taught the five pillars (Faith, Prayer, Charity, Fasting and Pilgrimage). We also went over the significance of the numbers five, six, four and three in Islam. The number five was significant because muslims have five different prayers, and five pillars.

The number six was significant because of our six beliefs (God, Angels, Divine Scripture, Prophets, The Day Of Judgement and God’s Laws).

Then we learned the significance of the number three. Three is significant because Prophet Muhammed said that if you are going to do something, you should always do it three times. Also, Maghrib has three cycles of prayer. Finally, the number four is important because there are three prayers with four cycles in them (Dhuhr, Asr, and Isha’a).

    We then moved onto testing, I was assigned a parent and I went over what I was supposed to do for homework so I can make sure I have it memorized. I had Surah Al-Maaoon memorized, but the parent helped me with pronunciation. Once I got tested on my homework, I was told to go back and go over everything I’ve learned so far so I can test out on that as well. Then, we were taught our responsibility as Khalifa of Allah. Our three responsibilities are to make ourselves good, help others become good, and to take care of the physical world.

    Another concept we went over was being a Slacker, a Peddler or an Operator. This concept was about thinking of ourselves and rating ourselves on whether we are slackers, peddlers, or operators. The slackers just do what they have to do, and go on with their life. The peddlers are very similar, but they don’t just do what they have to do. Lastly, operators are people who push themselves to be the best they can. The goal was to be an operator, and the teacher gave us examples of operators, like students who get all A’s.

    The teacher also talked about the GC concept, this concept is about how you would always have a green card on you if you aren’t a citizen, and how you should be god conscious just as much. The teacher explained how you should always be reminded of god, realize, invoke, and bank spiritual bucks by doing good.

Lastly, went over choosing our friends. The teacher explained how you become influenced by who you surround yourself with. For example, if you surround yourself with people who are slackers and don’t care about their grades, you may follow their footsteps. The same concept works the opposite way as well. The teacher told us to pick a friend group which consists of people who are smarter than you, and people who push you to be the best person you can, rather than making fun of you and pushing you down. This made me realize how I become influenced by my friends, and made me realize which friends I shouldn’t talk to and hang around much.

    In conclusion, I learned the importance of the numbers three, four, five, and six. I learned the importance of being conscious of god at all times, and the importance of choosing your friends. 

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