2023 Sep M 16

September 17,2023 MD/16Year Male 5th Week

Today was my 5th week at Greenstairs Academy Program. We woke up early as usual to prepare for the class. We entered around 8:45 into the parking lot and we headed to class. Today LG as well as teacher S were not there. We found teacher C and teacher R in class. We did the meditation like every class, but this one I can’t tell how long we sit there because I was more focused than the previous.
After all these things, the class really began now. Teacher R told us to reexplain all the pledges, we did it great this time fortunately. And she asked to each of us to lead one of the pledges. My sister A began with the pledge of Allegiance, next my sister F did the pledge of faith, and last, I lead the pledge of knowledge. I think I did very good for this time because we all did it together as LG expected.
Next, as we usually do on the last class. The teacher asked to every one of us to take one metaphor from the whiteboard and explain it. We all picked one and basically the metaphor that was taken was:

  • Tree trunk: Who represents God as the trunk and the branches as a many faith/approaches (unity of God concept)
  • Intention: it’s a very good metaphor because we must always intend even if we do not do what we are hoping for. God can write us good deeds just with the intention.
  • Third eye: First, I taught that the third eye is to know about our surrounding, like always keep another eye to what is around you, in order to protect ourself. But when my Sister S explain it, I knew that our third eye is actually our Soul. I will come back to that later because it’s a very interesting topic to talk about.
    ​Then, Teacher S asked us if we want to do the testing first or the news. We all said the news first because we all knew that the testing will be tough. We all came up with at least 3 news that we shared in front of everybody. For mine, I talked about:
  • American Pitbull who will be banned in England by the end of the year, because of the numerous incident they made by killing people
  • The president of Korea (Kim Jun Hun) who will go to Russia to negotiate about an Arm deal with Poutine
  • the escaped killer Danilo Cavalcante who was arrested after 16 days of Run in Pennsylvania
    But teacher S really wanted to know better about that news, but I couldn’t explain more to her. Because I haven’t documented enough about this news. I just listened and understood the news without looking further to it to be able to discuss it.
    Teacher C talked about something that happened in Mexico. He said that Mexican government discovered a mummified body that does not contain human DNA. So, people say it’s an alien. And he also talked about the eye of providence who is on one of the side of a dollar bill.
    ​In fact, the bodies of two alleged “alien” beings were exhibited by the Mexican Congress on Wednesday. The fossilized bodies, presented by journalist and ufologist – Jaime Maussan and displayed in glass cases, were retrieved from Cusco in Peru and are said to be 1,000 years old. But for many scientists these two tiny, mummified bodies with elongated heads and three fingers on each hand, are an already-debunked joke for us.
    About the eye of providence, it is an eye within a triangle and surrounded by rays of light. Teacher C explains it as being the third eye. Which brings me back to the topic a little earlier. The Soul, (Rouh) or third eye in this class. The soul is a supernatural phenomenon that can be difficult to fully understand by human. It was given to us by God. that’s why no one else can create it. But we know that is the soul is that which will answer the question from the grave, and that which will be present on the day of judgment. But in order to have clear answer on those question, we have to feed our soul.
    Are you going to ask me why? Because a great fear will invade us at these moments to such that we will be unable to speak and think. therefore, only the words we are familiar with can come out of our mouth.
    And how? By practicing them in this world. Doing good deeds, practice Zikr and saying bismillah before everything we do. That how we can make our soul stronger for that day.
    ​Anyway, Teacher S talked about her past and how she was doing when she came to USA. She said that when he came first, she was not able to speak any English. She was a really good student but got affected by the fact that she can’t not write an essay. She was having a hard time in high school but even after all that, Alhamdulillah she managed to reach the top until the Russian government has a file on her, Because of her high place inside the government. I write that story in my essay because I find myself a little in her story. The fact that when you are news to a country and you are kind of struggling with the language, and also the desire to make your parent proud by succeeding. Because they did all their power to make me in a good condition. But for me I am very lucky to have an academy like this that can help me develop my language. At the same time as being in contact with people who have already gone through this unlike teacher R who did not have that opportunity. Which bring me to the power of purpose, that power makes us want to get up in the morning and add value to the world by helping and making other proud of you. But “ the heart give itself blood before giving blood to the body’’ so make sure that you are proud of yourself first and motivated enough before.
    ​Suddenly, A new teacher entered the room, his name was Mohamed, and he was very kind. Teacher R asked him to come and explain to us the meaning of Ayatul Kursiyou. It was very majestic, because it was like the surah was connected from beginning to end, all sourates related between them. The part he translated to us was:
    Allah – there is no deity except Him, the Ever-Living, the Sustainer of [all] existence.
    Neither drowsiness overtakes Him nor sleep.
    To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth.
    Who is it that can intercede with Him except by His permission?
    He knows what is [presently] before them and what will be after them, and they encompass not a thing of His knowledge except for what He wills.
    Very majestic, I don’t think a normal human being can write such a beautiful thing like this. We were all impressed by that.
    ​Finally, we do the testing part as planned, The same aunt as last class came to me and tested me. I recited all the sheet in Arabic and English except Al-Maun, but they said that they were very impressed by how I can memorize those difficult words, even with my lack in English.

​I can see a very big progress in this program for now compared to the first day. which means that this program is not there randomly and helps us greatly even with our daily life, I like being part of it.

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