2022 October 30 – MK 14 Female – Week 6

This is my 6th week at Greenstairs Leadership program. Today was meant to be the last class, especially for those who had joined the PSAT program. In today’s class, LG gave us the option to choose what we wanted to do for the class today. So the students decided on what they wanted to do. Majority of the students chose to learn a new lesson and review a few other topics we have learned. 

First, we talked a lot about topics related to witchcraft, which kind of started with the topic of Halloween. So when we think of Halloween, there is two different perspective to look at it with. The first perspective is that halloween is a satanic holiday. The second perspective is that its a day that helps increase marketing strategies for companies. The difference in talking about these two perspective is that the first point of view would most likely apply to someone that is at the age of maturity, while the second point of view might apply to a little kid that wants to go get free candy. Either way there isn’t a big answer to if halloween should be celebrated or not, however it is a persons personal choice in the end. 

Relating to witchcraft, students asked many questions related to witchcraft. A question that stood out the most to me was “Does the forbidden book in Islam have a cure/antidote?” So going to the beginning, what is the most forbidden book in Islam? The most forbidden book in Islam is mostly a book contained of demon/satanic rituals. LG told us that if a person has strong belief in something then the thing they believe will be true, however if its the opposite then it will not be true. He related this to a hypnosis activity done on lawyers. LG told us that even in a hypnosis, if they believe it then they will fall for it. So in the same way, if we believe that the words in this book can curse us then we will be cursed. 

Another topic we talked about was Shia/sunni. Now in the generations we live in, there is separation created between shia and sunni. The difference between shia and sunni is related to the past during the death of the prophet Muhammad SAW. During the time of his death, the muslims needed a new leader for the islamic community. Some of the muslims said that the new leader should be decidede upon the people. While other said that the leader should be upon the prophets descendants. The whole creation of shia and sunni was made because of power. The shia’s wanted a prophet descendants, while the sunni’s wanted a leader decided by the people. However, at the end of the day both of them believe in “La ila-ha ilal-lah, Muhamma-dur rasul-ullah”. That line is all a person needs to believe in to technically be muslim. 

The next thing we talked about related more towards leadership. Since we are at the end of the program, LG wanted to talk to us about how important it is to prioritize our time with studies. We are the new generations, and it is our duty to make this world a better place. To reach out with this message, we need to build our mental capabilities and go to outside world. However, the outside world isn’t an easy place. It is difficult getting a job and harder to achieve good education. This is why we, highschoolers, must study as much as we can to get into top colleges/universities. We must strive to achieve high education so we can show to others that we are different from the rest.

The last thing that I thought was important to talk about was my time at Greenstairs Leadership program. This program has been the most life-changing and exciting opportunity that I have taken. Never in my life have I ever thought that a man with the name after a washing machine could teach me how to represent myself as a female muslim leader in our world’s society.

It was truly an honor to be taught by LG for these 6 weeks. I couldn’t stop but to think that had I not gone to a new mosque on a Friday, then I would’ve never met LG. I am extremely grateful for the experience I have got in LG’s class.

This program made me reflect on the person I am to the world and made me a better person. I very strongly believe that this program had helped me with my connection with Allah SWT. If I had never taken this class, then I wouldn’t have even known the meaning of “Alham-durillahi rabbil a’lameen”.

At the end of this program, I have never felt so proud yet sad that I might not be able to see LG every Sunday. However, this class has seriously opened up a new perspective in my life and has shown me that I have potential in being someone important.

All of this would have never happened if it wasn’t for LG. So I wanted to thank Greenstairs Leadership and LG for making my life better and teaching me to make others and this world a better place.

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