2021 October 10 — AH — male age 16 — Week 5

This Sunday is the third week for me. I come to the class late. I didn’t write the essay so I had to go the Musallah with other two students . The other students were writing their essays. I started writing my essay in a note book. Then we were called to come to the class . 

Teacher LG was lecturing the class. The lecture was about the five pillars of Islam. Teacher LG asked questions about the pillars. The teacher also talked about the whole book that Allah descended to the mankind. The Quran, Torah, The Gospel. And Psalms.

Teacher LG talked about leaving good to this World. He talked about how we can benefit the ummah. The lecture was very interesting . I learned meaning of concepts; obituary , fund, and hackers.

Some of the meaning of this vocabulary was the first time I heard. For example , hackers are the ones who look for ways to find solutions. Cruiser are the people who go with the flow.

The lecture included many topics about Allah and how we should always thank him in every situation. He created us and sustained . He always taking care of us.
After the lectures we eat PIZZA then I went downstairs in the Musaalah . I prayed Duhr salah.
Then my mother come to the Masjid . She was having a meeting with the teachers.

I told the teacher I like the class but I don’t like writing the essay because I busy with school and basketball and lifting weight.

However, I want to continue with the class and benefit from all the teachers. I think they are great.

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