2023 Oct week 9/2 F 16

FL Female. Age 17. Weeks 9
Today was the nine weeks. When we arrived, we did about fifteen minutes of meditation. This was done while saying: thank you God, forgive me God, blessed us God. After that, we tested out with Ms. R. Then we talked about the Greenstairs program, the metaphors, and Salah. We did also cover that no matter what is your condition you should be connected with God.
We did the three pledges and explained them to the two new students. We started with the pledge of allegiance in which we face the flag and explain the meaning of the pledge: to be grateful for what this land is giving us, to express our freedom of religion. After we did the pledge of faith facing the qibla and saying its meaning which is to commit that there no God but God and Mouhamed is his messenger and slave just as other prophets. We finished with the pledge of knowledge which is Fatiha in English hoping that the teacher teaches us good things and we gain from it and not the opposite.
Greenstairs program is to understand values of Islam, common sense, and leadership skills. To remember Allah by doing it correctly and understanding the 5 pillars. Being a better human being in our life by following the Islamic messenger. The Islamic messenger is to make the world a better place to be. This program is also about not saying something we don’t know the meaning of.
The eleven metaphor which is the 8 second concept is to stay on the connection with God. Improve our connection to our soul. At one of the wars during the Prophet life, one companion of his had a bullet in his leg. Ali told them to take out the bullet when he started praying. At the time he was done praying he was mad, and the others were laughing because he taught them that they didn’t want he want. They already take out the bullet and why that happen he was having a very strong connection with God.
The twelve metaphor is phone connect who is not easy to do. To be on the present and focus on what you are doing connecting to God. Having tools like the battery doesn’t mean that you can use the phone. This concept is connected to metaphor eleven by the Khushu talking to Allah. If we are not concentrating on knowing when to use the phone, we can’t gain from it. This means also without having a connection with God, you cannot call him.
We did metaphor on, five, six numbers concepts to stand on a chair to stay each number if we miss one, we going to do up and down. We start from one to eleven. One is God; two is two cycles of prayers; three is sounah and rakats for Maghreb; four is books, imams, Kalifas, angels, rakats; five is pillars and prayers; six is beliefs (God, angels, books, prophet, day of judgment, accountabilities.
); seven is Body shape when praying; eleven is the minimum zikr we can do. The four imams are Ghaffir, Shahi, Humble, and Maliki.
The twenty-nine metaphor LGA and ILYA always following our destiny that God had made for us. Be specific with Allah when praying and our community on what we want. (LGA) love God always and (IlYA) I love you always. Saying to our mother that we love them is not just loving them one day and not the next one but always love them. God always love us, but we must be connected to God on what we want.
The seven-metaphor soap and water by doing the Salah. Doing the Wudu before doing Salah is an example of soap by being clear. The Wudu is the soap because after doing it you are out of this dounya you should go directly to do the salah. As the example one men finished doing his Wudu want it to go and start his salah and the teacher want it to meet a politician guy. He told him that he just finished his Wudu so out of this dounya, and he is doing to pray.
The sixteen metaphors benefit of prayer by knowing why we pray every day five times in a day. When you pray also you must collect it with your soul. If you do not collect it you are going to lose (take it or lose it). At the time when you die you will be on heaven level 1. You will ask the question why I in level 1 and not in level 7 it is because you didn’t do it on the purpose of praying. So your connection with God going to be low than others connection with God.
The twenty-three-metaphor sock’s purpose is to not always go with the expensive staff but to go on with what we have. There were two people in a storm, and both wanted to buy socks. The first one wanted expensive socks and the second just wanted just socks to wear. As they were going to buy the socks the one who wanted the expensive socks died on the way of the storm. The second one lost one of her toes so she got lucky because she has the right to live longer. What you have is more than what some people have. Example if you are going to have an expensive wedding but also to give jobs to others at the same time nobody can blame you.
The twenty-one metaphor (B. R.) belief and ritual. Belief is not enough thaught, and ritual is enough thaught. There is no right answer between these two. In our community they make us do the ritual but not having the belief. Having the ritual to do something just as the salah can make us have half credit on the salah. For the belief if we know why and the purpose of something just as the salah is going to make us have Sbox in our bank account.
The metaphor PACA remembers it forever by making a good decision. P stands for prophet, A stands for Allah, C stands for common sense, and A stands for accountability. To bring our brain into the game by using our common sense. What we can do about something you are interested on by searching what the prophet or Allah said about it. Nobody knows where is the qibla on the moon (you’ll need to use your common sense). Accountability means that all the things that we are doing are countable.
For next week we must bring our schools results for the teacher. To test out for the cheat sheet being perfected on it. Also know some news and some fun facts about those who were written on the gum cover.

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