2020 September 20 – FH – female age 12 – Class Notes

        This week’s class was a normal one, I came a little bit late so I didn’t get to do the meditation with the whole group but I did do it on my own. Right after that we started testing out, In my opinion a lot of people were ready and it was better than last time because no one was ready for last week’s testing out. I tested out page 8 of the Manzil but I was expected to do the english of it though I am still working it because it definitely is hard. After I was told that I should test out the level one page I told the co-teacher to give me  5 minutes to go over it but right after saying that the teacher told the level 2 students to start the book discussion. This time we didn’t really get a chance to talk as students which was a relief for me what Bit I wa not expecting to have to summarize what we talked about to the teacher and the worse was that I had to do it well it was fair we were asked to pick a number and the farthest away had to go and obviously it was me. After about 40 minutes or even an hour of talking about the book, we finally got to go outside and play badminton which was fun this time because the weather was perfect for that after 15 minutes we came back to class and then we had a small break, then we started talking about topics.

        First we talked about Discipline which means the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior. I think what the teacher meant was having the discipline to pray like five days or having the discipline read the Quran.

        We also talked about this topic that In my perspective that almost everyone can relate to, see when I have homework that is due in like 3 weeks or so I know that I am supposed to break it up but         I just leave it till the last minute. I am trying very hard to get rid of this habit but It definitely is hard to do since I got used to it.

        We also discussed the paralysis by analysis which means Analysis paralysis refers to a situation in which an individual or group is unable to move forward with a decision as a result of overanalyzing data or overthinking a problem.

        The teacher covered the topic of having ownership of yourself. Taking ownership means that you honestly speak over your life what you want, both in professional and personal terms. If you want to surround yourself with people that you love, think about who those people are and dedicate time to spend with them.

        The other topic we discussed in class was culture of excellence In a Culture of Excellence, employees feel that what they are working on is meaningful, significant, and purpose-based. Everyone concerned is highly inspired by the common purpose, which becomes the driving force behind everything that they do.

        We also talked about making the world a better place for EVERYONE else in WORLD. That is a Topic that we always discuss in class because the teacher wants us to always remember the Big picture and never forget it.

         For next week’s class I will try to do the  english for the Manzil page 8 and review the level one concept.

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