2021 October 17 – AH – male age 10 – Week 6

In today’s course, we started by meditating, as usual, few minutes into meditating.LG entered the room he had started explaining dhikr and how it’s a formula because let’s say you use la ilaha Lila lah. But you find that you get easily disturbed that is shaitan trying to get to you. If that doesn’t work you can switch over to another formula which can be subhana ka Allahumma wa bi hamdik etc…whichever one works for you I prefer astirfr lah. Bu the thing is to find something that will help you focus and not get the thoughts and shaitan get to your head. After I had lost track of time and was too busy reading my essay.After no one had picked up anything idea and acted as the goat. Lg had to come and call us in. I had finally started to settle in the room till LG started to pop quiz us but before we had been called over to explain to the pledges what they are and why we say them. And if you don’t remember you have the pledge of

And Knowledge

Going back to the quiz we had been given the number 4 and three important reasons for that number.1 is the 4 cycles of prayer two-four books and you have 4 prophets the next one is tricky ts the 4 imams yes some may believe 12 imams or 16 but here were only discussing 4
Wich is
Abou Hanifa
Ahmad ibn Hanbal
This leads me to my next point perspective you might have learned from one of these imams when you were younger they all have the same beliefs. Only with some slight changes let’s just say one imam says you don’t have to pray Juma just do it normally, one says to not worry about it and one is extremely strict there is no right or wrong so that is why you have to respect others perspective. relating to this point we have maouloud the prophet’s birthday all of Egypt celebrates it and half of India does and the other half dissent one says that we celebrate the prophet’s birthday because and this is the date .and some say that the date is mistaken it goes on and on. My perspective is you don’t find the small things to say someone is or isn’t a good Muslim. The Shia dynasty was a spin-off that followed and they were very strict about Islam there is no way you can go up to a shias guy and say something discriminating about Fatima they’ll take it personally. And you’ll probably go to some masjids and they say something before or after prayer and some others disagree one thing they do is they say that you can practice it just don’t say it out loud to everyone wich shows some respect towards other perspectives. These small points are not supposed to be points of division because its two sides of one point. I have lots of examples but t cutting to the point you must keep sensibility for others points of view. Quran says you have your religion and I have mine. Islam is a personal journey of accountability you mustn’t stop what you’re doing because that’s what you were thought. Recently this is hard because with the internet everyone is an educator about these things. One other vocab word we discussed is ethical. Being ethical is to not be wasteful did you know a thousand bison were killed for their skin and the meat was left there and from what I heard from LG bison meat is good and people spend lots of money it thought the skin might bring money but the meat does to which is all going to waste. And during our daily lives, I wouldn’t say we’re very ethical. Another word we discussed we discussed was LGA when you’re kicked off a team that is helping you survive or you cant think of any other skill than your sport. It happens to people when they get laid off from their job and many things going back to last week’s example about the tennis player and how happy he was with Allah for giving him the disease.The main point is to love God always of course but anything that go(o)d does is for your own good and to me, it makes sense why we repeat this concept because most of us lose belief in god in some situations were too caught in our lives we always forget that God is the one running the show and that he is aware that what he’s doing is for a good cause to you and the world. one more okay maybe two one QHA Quran hadith accountability first you have Quran and hadith wich hadith is made to introduce Quran and tell us about it but hadith does not go first because it has more importance I don’t know why in the word QHA Quran is first so ill have to ask but the correct sequence is hadith Quran and accountability The main point it serves in this word is to fo good deeds and less bad deeds personally adding on to that is that we have Quran and hadith being explained but then after we have to decide and we’re accountable for it and that goes for anything we do. We also have the correct spelling of the word god which is go(o)d god is always spelled with a silent o before you ask I have no clue why.And last but not least you have the green card this is still a common issue but when people are asked for their papers when on a walk and if they’re not carrying it on them they get put in a truck and shipped back to their assumed home country This very common after the 9/11 it is not likely to happen today but one can never be too cautious. The same thing in Islam is that we should always have god cautiousness and know that God is always watching and he is that officer that will stop you and ask if your papers if you don’t have them he will send you to your home country which referring to this is (h**l) s always be cautious and carry your paper wich is wudu belief you’re good deeds and prayer. two more I know I lied but I didn’t it just came to my head. Next on the list, we have oil you were born with inflammable oil stuck to your butt. And throughout you’re life you get rid of it drop by drop by doing good deeds which are very easy to connect to the inflammable oil is our darkness shaitan and bad deeds and we get rid of the oil by doing good deeds which are recorded in our book. Again quickly adding all this is common sense. And our last concept but not least this time I’m 90% sure of it we have papa it tells us to think before we act not just that that’s a life concept here were adding on to it we think is this what the prophet would do and we think is this what God would want us or like/prefer to do. Ita pa prophet Allah then pa prophet Allah which makes “PAPA”.

MY homework for next week is to recite my whole level 1 paper which I memorize for two weeks only haven’t recited.

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