2021 October 17 — BA — age 16 — Week 6

I arrived in class at 9:45 as I walked into the room people were setting up.TeacherJI told me to go do some meditation. As I did not know how to students helped me and walked me through it. He told me it was two cycles of prayer with English and Arabic translations. As I finished there were still 10 minutes left before class started so I decided to practice my homework from the week. We then started class with some reviews from the previous weeks. There were over 15 words on the board.TeacherJI first asked us why the number four was important in Islam. He said we can work as a group or do it individually. We chose to work as a group. We researched through our phones. We only found one response which was the four main books in Islam. We then discussed our findings. After we moved on to our lesson; which was about Islam. We talked about the 2 Islamic religions which were

Shia and Sunni. Sunni believed in the closest companion to the prophewhich at that time was Abu-Bakr. And she believed it should’ve been Ali the prophet’s cousin. We said close to 90% of Muslims today are classified as Sunni.TeacherJI said we should respect both beliefs and shouldn’t say which is wrong or right. We also discussed the prophet’s birthday in Egypt as they celebrate it. In the prophet’s time, they did not celebrate it. So some scholars classified it as Bid’ah which means innovation or something new brought. But yet we shouldn’t tell them it’s Bid’ah or tell them it’s wrong because they might get really offended with it. So it’s important to respect other people’s beliefs and ideas but also being educated is a good idea.

We then talked about the prophet Muhammed PBUH’s life and the Quran coming down. Some came verse by verse or the full surah. We then talked about pictures with your eyes. As you get older your ability with having something in your brain slows or deteriorates. We played a game where the teacherJI was holding a paper and told us instead of reading the whole thing take a picture with our eyes then he would ask us some questions about it. As I did not get any questions answered due to me not remembering one of the younger kids remembered. We talked about the prophet being portrayed in movies/videos. We talked about how it can be seen as disrespectful but also in some hadiths it gives facial descriptions. But some scholars disagree on if it’s allowed or not. There was a movie made years ago that had the prophet PBUH in it most Islamic countries did not allow the movie to be streamed or watched in their countries except Morocco due to them being offered money. We then ended off with a video and a movie. The video was about the prophet Muhammed PBUH army before the battle. And the movie was about the prophet Muhammed PBUH in mecca and medina.Then we got to eat biryani that studentM mom made. After class ended we talked about the final exam and school grades.

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