2019 Nov Class Notes for 11/24/19 by DJ Age 18 Male

Class Notes by DJ Age 18 Male Class of 11/24/19

When I entered into class today, I first prayed my two cycles of Fajir prayer and then I meditated for around 15 minutes. I also wore this eye cover which was supposed to help us meditate better. The meditation was pretty useful because it helped me calm down and forget about all the stress at school and it helped me refocus.

After the meditation, we had our testing session, which lasted around 15 minutes. I worked on practicing the entire prayer in both Arabic and English. After the testing session, we did some crossword puzzles and Sudoku for at least 10 minutes. It was pretty beneficial because it helped worked my mind and I was able to use my critical thinking skills.

After the puzzles, we went over the news and what has happened in the world recently. One interesting thing that I learned was that someone in the U.K, developed plastic from fish waste and algae. The reason for doing this was to create a sustainable alternative for plastic, which I thought was very smart because it will help the planet.

After going over the news, we had our lecture and discussions that our teacher gave us. Somethings that I learned was that if you are forcing your wife to wear a hijab, you should also wear a toupee. The problem is that many Muslim men do not do this and this is the hypocrisy that many Muslim men are guilty of.

I also learned that whenever you are in a group discussion or lecture, you should always raise your hand before speaking instead of blurting the answer out. It is rude and it is what sheep do. Goats use patience and think before they speak.

I also learned that you must be understanding of other people’s opinions, even if you don’t agree with them and that is important when trying to find common ground or a compromise with other people. I also learned that the reason why doctors are so successful in their industry, is because they are able to train their minds in order to memorize large amounts of information. Doing this can be very beneficial to the health of your mind. Whenever analyzing any situation, it is important to always look at the context because that is the best to understand what is going on and it prevents confusion and misunderstanding.

We also learned about the concept of S bucks and how doing anything spiritual like praying, gives you spiritual bucks that will give you less sin and raise your level of good over your level of bad. This will be very beneficial on the Day of Judgment. In order to invoke god in your prayer, you must have a peace of mind by getting rid of all worldly thoughts and only focusing on god and yourself in deep concentration and thought.

I also learned that a high school student like I myself, has one goal throughout our four year career, and It is to educate yourselves and study hard in school so we are ready for the next chapter in our lives. Some things that I thought personally were very important were that the problem with our faith system these days, is that there are certain people and countries who live in the past and are unable to adjust to the present by implying context and reason to the situation they are facing whether through a societal, religious, or cultural standpoint. We must be able to apply context and reason in order to stop ignorance and extremism that is hurting our faith and we must get rid of the mindset that is it ok to be stuck in the past.

I also learned that, just because a website or video says something, it does not mean necessarily that it is true. Especially if it is about the discussion of Islam and religion. I also learned that the prime requirement of being a Muslim is to make the world a better place.

Lastly, the purpose of why we do  homework in this class is to educate and inform people who visit our website which is Gisla and it is also a way to give back to our teacher by telling him we actually learn knowledge and how to become a better Muslim and the benefits that this class teaches us.

Overall, the most important thing in my opinion that we learned in class was that you must have the ability to tell people, if you are confused and have questions about Islam. It is a normal part of growing up and finding who you are and it is common among teenagers and young adults. Not opening yourself up to other people, will affect you greatly in a negative way and it will lead you down a downward spiral.

Lastly, my homework for next week is to get ready for testing the entire prayer in both Arabic and English paragraph by paragraph, so I could move on to eventually memorizing the prayer line by line.                      

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