2020 Jan class notes for Jan 20, by various students

NOTES BY 14 YR OLD MALE – This week, I came prepared to class with six different wrapped gifts. We were taking a break from class and doing something fun for a day, which we called Gisamas. The whole class was going to play a game called white elephant. In this game, people take turns either choosing or “stealing” a gift from someone else. When you choose a gift, you don’t know what it is until you open it. Then, when it is the next persons turn, they can either choose another gift or “steal” a gift from someone else. However, the same gift can’t be stolen multiple times in one round.

    Although we were going to play a game that day, we still started off class normally. I prayed Fajir, did two cycles of practice prayer, and tried to connect with god while meditating right after getting to class.

After that, the whole class watched some more of the movie Mooz-Lum. We weren’t able to finish the movie since we were on a schedule.

    Throughout the movie, the teacher explained a couple points made in the film. The first point that was made after the movie resumed was that being invited into someones room doesn’t mean they’re giving you consent and inviting you to do sexual things with them.

Another point made was that if you push someone too hard, they will end up rebelling. For example, if you’re too strict with a kid, they will eventually try to rebel against those rules just to see what happens.

The last point made was that you shouldn’t beat kids for their mistakes, because it’ll make them feel like what you’re teaching them isn’t real or make them turn away from what you’re trying to teach them

    After the movie was paused once again, the whole class stood up and played white elephant. It was a lot of fun and was a great way to create memories. Everyone playing genuinely enjoyed it I noticed that everyone was smiling the whole time.

This taught me that it is okay to have fun sometimes, and that everything involving education doesn’t have to be serious. After the game ended, the teacher dismissed the class and everyone went home after cleaning up the classroom

NOTES BY MA 26 YR OLD MALE – This week, my class started differently. We were reorganizing the class and cleaning it up. We were trying to make use of the space that was occupied by stuff. Hopefully after the room is more tidied up we will have more space to put things we would need.

After the students finished with their meditation, they joined the classroom and our teacher wanted to teach us a new lesson of giving thanks to God after our prayers were answered.

Last week we prayed for our classmate who was in the hospital diagnosed with bone infection. Our teacher taught us how to supplicate to God for our classmate’s health and to ease this tribulation on the family. After our prayers we received a call that our classmate will not go through surgery and will have a fast recovery.

Within all this, our teacher thought it would be a suitable opportunity to teach us how to say thank you to God. Our teacher gave us an detailed lesson, of why we should be grateful and to take the example of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) to be humble and grateful when we receive a blessing of an answered prayer or any blessing in general.

            We arranged the tables in class differently this week. We had a party which my teacher calls Isa-mas, where we share gifts and have a meal together. Our gifts were distributed by a game called Elephant, where in one person can either open a gift wrap, or take a gift from another person instead. It was a fun experience for everyone, and our laughters are forever saved in our memory.

After we all got our gifts, we opened a movie called Mooz-lum and started watching were we left off from last week.

We learned how physical abuse is wrong in all situations, let alone having it as a methodology to teach children. It is something that goes without saying, but most people in class shared stories were they experienced it in some way while growing up.

People don’t see the horror they inflict when they hit children in effort to teach them, I think if they looked at themselves from a third persons view, they would see the ugliness of the act.

            After the party was over, we cleaned up the place and we decided that we would be responsible for the cleanliness of our own class. Meaning we will vacuum and tidy up our own mess. I think that is a responsibility we should do, just as the Prophet said, cleanliness is part of faith (Iman).

It was an easy going class this week, but it was definitely a morale booster for all of us. I look forward to our next class.

Notes by 12 YR Old Female 1/20/20 This Sunday I bought the whole thing but I did not Test out.

The teacher this Sunday talked about how to keep the line open to talk to God. So science last week we made prayer for Quirt and she did not have to take the surgery, Today we had to thank God and ask him to still accept our prayers if it is appropriate and good for us.  Next Week I will hopefully get to do the practice Testing.

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