2023 Sep Week 1 F 17

FL female 1week 08/20/2023
Today was my first day in this program I woke up at 8 am which was a big deal since the holidays start, I wake up at 1 pm and up. After that, I eat breakfast something I rarely do and we arrived at 9h30am. When I arrived the teacher was already there waiting for the students so when I enter, I said hi and the teacher told me if that was what I suppose to say and I says Salam aleykoum he told me to go and came back in front of the door to repeat it and told me to enter and to seat in the front with sister A and brother M and my mom to seat in the back. In the first place, the teacher tests us to recite the surah he chooses, if we memorized normally the source. After we did that the teacher asks us to put the two-lesson paper in the plastics bag Brother M did it correctly but sister A and I were struggling to make it so he pushed us to look at the example he give us but I was not paying attention so after I saw my mistake, I was so ambered. After, that the teacher makes us stand up, and face the flag of the United States and he ask why he ask us to face the flag and not the qibla because we are the mosque and I answer it for the soldiers, and sister A answered it to show respect but it was all wrong the correct answer was we face first the flag to express freedom of religion the USA land give us the opportunities to practice our religion where we want to do it. after that came the second main point of the day the teacher ask us to now face the qibla and ask Brother M to say the shahada and give the meaning but he couldn’t say the meaning in English so he said it in French il n’y a aucun autre Dieu que Allah, et Muhammad (PSL) son message so the teacher as my mom to translate that sentence in french to English word by word so she said there is no god but Allah, and Muhammad (PSL) his messenger to make us know about the pledge of faith. The teacher tells us about the Khuresh and how they were having multiples gods and how the Christians were making Issa (Jesus) the son of God because he can some stuff that normal people couldn’t do that is why the shahada made home having just one God Allah for Muslims the teacher give us the example, he is teaching us something we don’t know about our religion but that not making him God but just person who is carrying the message of the messenger. Mr. S and his kids join the group and the teacher asks us to explain to him what is the Pledge of Religion and the Pledge of Faith and the purpose of that was to make us retentive, and fluent when we are presenting. So I start to make him a presentation for the pledge of religion, for the first time but it was so bad, I restart it the second one was bad but the three times I got it right, and after that Sister A was supposed to explain to Mr. s the pledge of faith but she couldn’t get it right so Brother M helps him buy still and finally the teacher help them so the teacher came with a question who is doing you know the difference between people and animals and brother M answer wrong, sister A answer wrong, student y answer wrong, and I answer wrong by saying animals don’t think the teacher said is on the way and told us its start with a letter r so student B said reason and that was the good answer. the teacher gives us an example of is easier to catch a sheep than a goat because a sheep is always mouh mouh all the time so the catcher can easily know where he is and a goat pays attention and is smart that is why he is hot to catch. The main third point is the pledge of knowledge. The teacher make us know he was do not care about the money for the program but sbox he got it for teaching us about our religion he can be in heaven a prestige place because of that because everything we are doing and he teaches us he going to take his part but is part of the point of teacher right staff because if he told us to put a jacket and putt some explosive and light it and we do it he is an awesome teacher but for us, we are just stupid there we are on the last main point how to do salah. Doing the salah include the first things to make the two angels and everybody’s shoulders know we are praying where the intention takes place the intention is four questions what, how many cycles, for whom, and facing what as an example I “m praying two cycles of practice prayer facing the qibla, for God. We learn how to every single position of the salah for men and women because, for each of them, they have to cover someone example women have to use their hands to cover their breasts. Finally, everybody has to go in the front so everybody can see include the teacher can test us so we have to make the intention of praying the two cycles of practice prayer.do the salah step by step nicely and clearly so the teacher can test us also by memorizing the six last sourates. The teacher also said to the parents they have to do a private test but also if he is the six weeks coming he is he can make it and his replacement teacher’s parents should do the class as the same proceed he do it because the class has to be a 120degre all the time so he makes it clear if a student doesn’t want to be their they can leave, and if they are troubling the class they have also to leave because in the program we are our adults their no parents or staff like that we have to be responsible. After all, today was just the open house so everybody who wants to leave it is time if you are here for six next week’s it’s going to be staff and the class is at 120degres and the end of the class for today.

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