2020 October 11 – AH – male age 10 – Class Notes

Today’s class was totally perfect well I can’t deny 

First when I came in everyone was standing on chairs I feel like 14,000 chairs were used so we were not allowed to take seat the rule was you can never feel the fluffy little chair unless you answer a question ‏ some examples are the five pillars of Islam and the six beliefs i’m going to answer some of the questions like the five pillars of Islam the first one is the 

decoration of the second one is player the third one is fasting the fourth one isi’m going to answer some of the questions like the five pillars of Islam the first pillar The declaration of faith making prayer alms-giving fasting hajj.well after all the number questons the teacher started going over his topic list,wowow people haven’t you reconized I think you recognise something he started going over the topics early in  the class period instead of doing it at the end that’s new.Ok here I am going back to you to the concepts we coverd. First he told us two different stories. so the first tale Was about Two Brothers and they both were a businessman One day one of them died and when the journalist came to write a report they accidentally wrote the name of the brother who is still alive but didn’t mind cause they thought it was the right name and ignored that little tiny weeny fact so the brother that was still alive got a lot of bad things written on his obituary. And he was not satisfied with that. Also A little fact the name is Alfred nobel.there is no way Alfard was going to sit back and let this happen so alfard started a give away also turned it into a game and most poor people played and tried very hard to win who ever wins gets a huge overflowing amount of money. That way it was fair and thats how alfard noble transformed from horrible to amazing

many of us muslims spend that money on ourselves plus alfard is jewish heis no muslim.one day a  man was sleeping and said oh god i forgive everyone who hurt me and i ask forgiveness from everyone,because basically when you lay done on your tender queen matress with a perfect box spring and start snoring your soul has been given to god at that  time its like you’re under a coma so always remember. All if you will something new happening during your formative years during our formative years something will happen maybe your son will need to get enrolled in college and you might need to help with there application.  i mean you’re no fortune teller.we also covered this concept of universal values universal values are like your mother. If your a murderer you wouldn’t kill your parents .

If you’re just a normal person you wouldn’t commit damage or steal,that is universal means that it doesn’t matter your religion those are the lines no one can cross.All of us have the ability to process data all of us can be sponges or bricks it’s your choice.If you are allowing to suck all the helpful data and facts. Like if some one thinks trump says nonsense they don’t listen they’re being a brick.And they memorize everything biden says thats being a sponge so its really your choice.Also don’t be tomorrow if you haven’t mastered today some 9 year old teaches older kids and adults after school soon he will be all messed up.two things don’t be tomorrow if you haven’t mastered today.If you become to smart before time you’ll get all messed up.Also if you are interested in something and it will help you be a fearless leader go for it! Last topic were going to learn how islam began ? The prophet was born april 22 571 AD in makkah.Makkah is special for two reasons one the kaaba it is a temple built to worship god two our prophet was born in makkah. Back then the only way to be safe was to have back up and family someone who would beat up anyone that gets in your way, so the place was ruled by families who could do whatever they wanted.Religion didn’t even help the kaaba was surrounded by millions of Idols that did nothing to help any one so life was though for mohamad he was just a poor orphan who believed in just one god he couldn’t even see. Muhamads  dad died before he was even born and his mom died when he was six.She his grand father abdul muttalib took care of him ,but he died too.Thats when abu talib his uncle took him he was the leader of many tribes so muhamad was safe for the time being. Muhamad started out as a shepherd and then became a business men in 585 ad khadija married muhamad at the age of 25 on 595 ad.Muhamad hated the night of power when people made sacrifices to idols so he went to sleep in a cave he found on top of the hill.just then muhamad was making the wam the angel gabriel was there and he said.Read in the name of your God who created man from a drop of blood Read for your lord is most generous He who taught by the pen taught  Men what he did not know . it Was a message from God he was speaking to him Just like he’d spoken to the prophets in the Jewish And Christian holy books Which meant he was a prophet too. The prophet collected the words for the Quran And years later His friends wrote them down in a holy book quranWhich means recitation Because the prophet recited it Anyhow the prophet had died And there was more details to that but that’s what happened to the prophet and how Islam began.Well after tha we had a break Stood on chairs And could not get down unless you memorized your paper and recited it But that was fun It is sad to say that class is over.

Next week I am going to test out my whole paper now all I have to do is go over really well so I don’t make a mistake and I’m going to do a couple news or at the are not in my paper I am so excited   and remember I’m going to try .

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