2020 April Class notes by Z 15 male 03/29/2020

Class notes by Z 15 male 03/29/2020This week, I came to class prepared to be tested out. I was getting closer and closer to passing on to level two of the program. Although this would be more work, I was still very eager to move on. 

     We started class by listening to Surah Ayat Al-Kursi being recited properly, this was to help us learn while correcting our pronunciation at the same time. I found this helpful in particular because I had been using audio recitations to learn the Surah from the beginning. I was able to strengthen my memory of the Surah and became more confident with the pronunciations. 

    Then, we went over concepts that students got wrong in their essays. For example, I got the “sock” concept wrong. I originally said that the concept was about always being clean and wearing clean socks. However, the concept was about something completely different. The concept explained how we shouldn’t always be picky and only wear socks from designer brands, but instead we should make an exception and wear cheap walmart socks when we need to. This helped me realize how I am picky with certain things, and influenced me to be less picky when I need something such as socks on a cold day. 

     When it was time to move on, the seniors were assigned different newer students to work with. We were told to test them on things that they already know, and help them improve. This was a great way for me to review while helping another student at the same time. I noticed myself not being as quick with the translations, and was able to correct myself pretty quickly while helping the student. 

     After that, we were all assigned homework and were told to assign homework to the newer students based on where they were. Then, we moved on to watching the movie Mooz-Lum. We haven’t finished it since we first started watching it, but we also haven’t watched it in a couple months. So, we watched the movie from the beginning. This movie was about how pushing kids to be religious can actually make them turn away. For example, in the movie a father forces his son to wear a hat to school, and then later forces him to go to a school at a mosque where you are required to memorize one page of the Quran everyday. This resulted in the kid growing up with the bad impression of Islam, and eventually made him completely hate the religion and everything involved with it. This was a great way to show people how we should always take things slow when trying to teach someone something, because not everyone is at our level and everyone learns differently. 

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