2021 October 26 – YS – class notes

Last class we did some practice testing and went over some stuff.

I was able to learn two surahs. Which were surah Naas and akelas. And was genuinely surprised that I was able to memorize these two in a day.

This class d wasn’t here. Same thing with H, he was doing some studying for exams or something.

We had a new student on Sunday named J she was originally Christianson but she switched to Muslim.

I found that pretty interesting to be honest. We had people present their interesting topics.

The first one was origami and the second one was about cameras which was pretty cool because I didn’t know photography went that deep into things.

I REALLY want to pass during December.

I hope I can at least but the class isn’t even that bad.

For example if there was no hw and I could just stay to watch and learn out of it I would be fine with that.

That’s really all for the last class.

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