2018 Sep Basic Written Exam Questions

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SHORT ESSAY SECTION and JUNIORS EXAM  – Sunday, June 17, 2006



  1. State the full Shahada in English – La Ilaha illalh M…


  1. What are the 6 cardinal beliefs of a Muslim


















  1. How old is Man’s belief of one God in existence




  1. What are the five pillars of Islam












  1. State the names, number of cycles and times for each of the 5 obligatory prayers











  1. What is the basic belief requirement for one to be Muslim






  1. Please provide three simple rules to live as taught in school this year



A    be Good



B    help     someone                                              be Good


C    Help  keep                                                        Good


  1. What is the Gods purpose for mankind on earth?









  1. Please state the top five universal values that you feel should be observed by all people and explain your choices for two of them





























  1. Please provide 3 reasons why we should study the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)?















  1. What is Hadith and what is its role in Islam?












  1. Why do we study the stories of the prophets?









  1. Identify at least two significant differences in the way people lived during the prophets’ times and now









  1. What are the two Eids and why do we celebrate each one?









  1. Explain how the branches and trunk of a tree is a good example as a way to explain all religions?








  1. What is a universal value?



END OF JUNIOR EXAM – please uses this space below if you need it



  1. What are four major themes discussed in the Quran





















  1. What are three major themes discussed in Surah Yaseen?















  1. Please explain 3 instances where the Quran in Surah Yaseen challenges us to look around and observe and use this observation to believe in God. Please be careful to make a connection between the item observed and the connection to make the belief.













  1. 6 The Quranic short chapter Al-Asr explains that….
  2. people who believe in God will be rewarded if they are patient
  3. All of the buildings and ancient monuments in the world will be destroyed on the Last Day

C.God has no children nor is he the child of anyone

  1.   God is the creator of all the worlds


2         It is more important to follow ones common sense or inner conscience than follow blindly what another person tells you. True    False


3         People in many countries wear distinctive modes of dress which over time has become identified as Islamic attire even though it is Geo-cultural attire True    False


  • 71 T/F In Chapter 91 (ash-Sams) God confirms that He infused the soul with the capacity for both “wickedness and righteousness.” True         False


  • 99 According to the Qur’an (3:134-36) the highest level of belief is attained when and individual restrains his/her anger, pardons other humans, and asks forgiveness whenever he/she commits any sin. True False


  • 168 Which chapter of the Qur’an did Muhammad most commonly ask his followers to recite for the dying or deceased?
    1. al-Baqara (final third)
    2. al-Imraan
    3. Ya Seen
    4. Qaaf


  • 129 In Chapter Ya Seen (no.69) the Qur’an rejects the idea that the Quran is
    1. Poetry
    2. Magic
    3. written by jinni (invisible spirits)
    4. an interpolation of the Bible


8          Adam tells Rashad to steal something. Rashad does it. Who is more to blame for doing the wrong act of stealing.

A          no one

B          the Devil

C          Rashad for doing it

D          Adam for asking Rashad to do it


  • 138 As described in the Qur’an (20:120) Satan tempted Adam and Eve with al-khuld, meaning
    1. the Tree of Life
    2. the Tree of Happiness
    3. the Tree of Immortality
    4. the Tree of Greatness


  • 183 As indicated in the Qur’an it is exclusively an individual decision whether or not to allow Satan to be near you or to keep him away. True False


  • 239 As described in Chapter 2 of the Qur’an (no. 30) when God told the angels He was going to establish humans on the earth, what did they say to Him?
    1. “Glory be to You, who creates and shapes well.”
    2. “Will you, then, place the trial before them so they will be grateful?”
    3. “Will you place on it such as will spread corruption and shed blood?”


  • 306 What does the Qur’anic phrase, “wa lam yakun lahu kufwan uhud (Chapter 112)” mean?
    1. there is nothing comparable to Him
    2. He has no sons and was not born
    3. He is beyond human perception
    4. there is no force beside Him


  • 285 according to the Qur’an God delivered His divine messages to the earth primarily
    1. because of His desire to place humans on trial
    2. in order to warn human beings of the temptations of this life
    3. because of his compassion and mercy of humankind
    4. A & C are correct


  • 329 The Qur’an discourages the consumptions of all types of animal fat. True False


  • 342 Who is described in the Qur’an as an “open enemy” to man?


  • 347 The name of the first Qur’anic chapter, al-fatiha, may be translated as
    1. The Distinction
    2. The service
    3. The prayer of God
    4. The Opening


  • 357 The Qur’an makes it incumbent upon those who believe in it to also believe in the existence of the holy books of Christ, Moses, Abraham, and other ancient prophets. True False


  • 523 The Qur’an was revealed during which century?


  • 505 The Qur’an is divided into
    1. 94 chapters
    2. 104 chapters
    3. 114 chapters
    4. 119 chapters
  • 481 One of the most often-recited chapters of the Qur’an, al-Ikhlaas, begins with the Arabic: “Kul whu Allah whu ahad”, which means what?


  • 482 Chapter al-Ikhlaas ends with “wa lam yakoon lahu kufwan ahad”, which means
    1. God has bore no children nor was he born
    2. He is God the One and Only
    3. Nor is there anyone or anything equal to Him
    4. and with God is the end of all things


  • 483 The shortest chapter of the Qur’an is
    1. an-Nasr (Divine Support)
    2. an-Naas (Mankind)
    3. al-Falaq (Sincerity)
    4. ash-Shams(The Sun)
    5. Al Kawthar



  • 375 The Qur’an emphasizes that among the major blessings of God’s placing cattle on this earth is/are
    1. that their mild is a valuable source of food
    2. that they are useful for plowing fields
    3. that their hides and wool are used to keep us warm
    4. A & C are correct


  • 419 The Qur’an describes itself as a “blessing for all mankind (i.e. regardless of race or creed).” True False


  • 426 The prophet Muhammad usually knew well in advance when a portion of the Qur’an was to be revealed. True            False


  • It is better to do more good deeds in a few days in the year than to do fewer good deeds consistently every day. True False


  • What is one of the main aspects that God will measure each of your good deeds by (choose one option below):

A         How much money you give to charity

B         Sincerity (for the sake of Allah)

C         How proud you are of your deed

D         The belief in the messengers

E          How many time you pray in your life


  1. Who was the was the first person to accept Islam after Muhammad:
  2. Abu Bakr
  3. Muhammad
  4. Khadija
  5. Abu Talib
  6. Hamza


  1. What did God make angels out of (choose one option below):


  1. Fire
  2. Dirt
  3. Mud
  4. Light
  5. Air


  1. Which prophet built the Kaaba in Mecca:
  2. Nuh (Noah)
  3. Musa (Moses)
  4. Ebrahim (Abraham)
  5. Isa (Jesus)
  6. Mohammed







1          What did Joseph warn Jacob about concerning his dream?


2          5 Which of these prophets was given by God a special capacity to interpret dreams?

  1. Jacob
  2. Moses
  3. Jesus
  4. Joseph


3          32 Which of these is/are true of the family of prophet Abraham?

  1. both of his sons were born of his wife and former slave Hagar
  2. Ishmael was the first born of his two sons
  3. both Ishmael and Isaac were born while Abraham was an old man
  4. B & C are correct.


4          158 As described in the Qur’an when Joseph entered a room filled with dining ladies their knifes slipped from their hands and they all cut themselves. Why did this happen?


  1. because the sound of Joseph’s voice was so soothing that they all fell asleep (and their knives slipped)
  2. because the were awe-struck by the incredible beauty of Joseph so much so that they lost all control of their senses
  3. because they all thought he had been locked in prison and were afraid of his retribution
  4. B & C are correct


5          185 According to Chapter 2 (no. 49) pharaoh did which of these to the Children of Israel?

A         slew their sons, sparing their daughters only

B         crucified them upside down

C         enslaved them

D         burned and destroyed their houses of worship

E         A & C


6          257 Which of these is most correct? According to the Qur’an (21: 107) God sent Muhammad as a messenger

A         primarily for the Arabs, who had never before received a prophet

B         primarily for the people of semitic ancestry (including the Jews)

C         for the human race at large

D         for the Middle Eastern region, which had not received a messenger since Jesus

7          270 Who found Moses floating in the river (28:8)?

  1. pharaoh’s associate, Haamaan
  2. pharoah’s family
  3. pharaoh’s wife
  4. pharaoh’s slaves


8          271 Who told pharaoh and his associates not to kill the infant Moses (28:8-9)?


9          325 T/F Prophet Joseph was dumped by his brothers into a well, because they were undecided on whether or not to kill him.                True                  False


10         405 Which of these is true of the prophets?


  1. prophets were sent by God to warn their people of the impending doom that would result if they failed to change their evil ways
  2. while they served to warn humans, they themselves were often warned by God (in the Qur’an) to steer clear of all iniquities
  3. God made them mortal and they always behaved like mortals, i.e. they blended in with the common people
  4. all of the above


11        06 Moses was the only prophet

  1. who received commandments inscribed on stone
  2. to whom God spoke directly
  3. who killed another man
  4. sent to the Children of Israel
  5. All of the Above


12        21 According to the Qur’an after Abraham broke the idols his countrymen tried to

  1. hang him
  2. bring him to his senses
  3. crucify him
  4. burn him alive


13        23 As described in the Qur’an (Chapter 12) when the young Joseph failed to return with his brothers after an outing, they made up a story that

  1. Joseph fell into a deep ravine and couldn’t be rescued
  2. Joseph was kidnapped by gypsies
  3. Joseph was lost somewhere in the desert and probably died of thirst
  4. Joseph was eaten alive by a wolf


  1. 25 Which of these is/are correctly matched?
  2. Jesus’ book: the Injeel (Arabic for the Gospels)
  3. Moses’ book: the Toor (Arabic for Torah)
  4. David’s book: the Burooj (Arabic for Psalms)
  5. Muhammad’s book: Quran
  6. all of the above


  1. Please provide three instance of a miracle being used with or by Prophet Musa













  1. Please one instance of a miracle being used with or by Prophet Ebrahim





17        One of the miracles that God gave Prophet Ibrahim was that he could change a stick into a snake. True                        False


  1. God forgave Adam and Eve for their disobedience (eating fruit from the forbidden tree)

True                 False

19        It is OK to act mean.               True                          False



  • What time did it take for you to finish reading Surah Yaseen



The following question will really give you lots of extra credit


1          The top two choices of your name for the school

A         HOPE CAMP

B         CAMP HOME






2          The hours for the school next year should be on Sundays from

A         10-1

B         10-2

C         1-4

D         2-5

E          10-12




3          The top three reasons why I like Sunday school this past year are









4          The top three changes I would make for the school next year are
















5          These are my suggestions, compliments, criticisms of the Sunday School









6          My favorite teacher was

A         Laher

B         No One

C         I do not remember

D         I take the fifth on this question


7          What grade will you get on this exam?





8        Who was the sleepiest student in school this year?


9          Who was the funniest student in school this year?


10        Who was the most studious student in school this year?


11        Who was the laziest student in school this year?


12        Who was the student most late to school this year?


13         Who was the sleepiest student in school this year?


14         Who was the funnest teacher this year?


15        Was it all worth it at the end of the day to attend Sunday school this year?

YES                                        NO



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