2018/9 Class Notes by JR (male) age 14 – (actual note(s) from student(s)) updated weekly

note by JR age 14 male – week of 3/10/19 At the beginning of class we were talking about funerals and how they clean the bodies. For the women only women can wash the bodies and for the men wash men can clean the bodies. After they bury the body two angles come and ask you three questions and if you have a good soul you will answer all the questions right and if you have a bad soul you would stutter or not answer the questions right and the answers are all God and if you get them wrong you would get a freezing or burning temperature and if you get them right you get a perfect temperature

We also talked about how if you don’t bury the body the next day or longer after the death of the person the body would decay and smell really bad, also if you want to ship the body over seas they take out all the blood, organs and intestines from the body and also they might have shipped the wrong body on accident, the only people that can but you in the grave is the people you cant marry like you dad, mom, grandpa, grandma ,brother and sister but sometimes women aren’t at the funeral.

After that we got the Qur’an and trying to find what is the surah about, when it was revealed and what is the context. I was the first one to go up and I answered, “The surah is about a group of Jews that went to prophet Mohammad’s house and asked what his perspective of God was so that the Jews could compare his belief with there belief;

Some of the surah was about some other Christians believe that God has a son named Jesus and that Zoroastrians believed that there was a god for every elements like earth, wind and fire.”       

Week 2 3/17/19 I came to class a little bit late and when I got to class we were talking about something and wasn’t taking notes so I don’t remember what we were talking about but after we were talking about when 911 happened lots of Muslim men shaved they’re beard and tried to blend in with the American so they don’t get beat up or killed and we also talked about what happened in New Zealand.

We also talked about how if women wore a hijab they were more likely to get beat up after 911 because they look like Muslim or even killed so we said that if you are shopping and your wife is wearing a hijab don’t split up and go in different aisles Because she would have more of a chance getting beat up or killed if you don’t go with her and if you go with her she might not get beat up.

      After that there was a guest and he read surah Al-Fatiha 3 times and we listened when he finished we went on the Qur’an an went to surah Al-Baqarah And we went to aya 282 and looked if aya 281 and aya 283 were talking about the same thing aya 283 was but aya 281 wasn’t talking about the same thing.

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